Genre browsing needs a performance tuneup

Whenever entering Genre browse in Roon (whether on a Ryzen 7 or a smartphone) there’s a 15-20 second wait before Roon shows any content. It doesn’t appear to be a matter of caching because leaving and then immediately re-entering genre browse has the same lag behaviour.

Any chance @support can submit a ticket to see whether there’s any optimisation that can be done there?

Hi @evand,

I’d be happy to pass this along to the team to investigate further. Before doing so, I was hoping you could provide some additional information about your current setup so I can pass that along to them as well.

  • Can you provide some additional details about your Core machine?
  • How many tracks are in your library and where is the library stored? If your library is accessed over the network by the Core machine please also provide some information about your networking setup.

Thanks, we appreciate your feedback.

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FWIW, everything else in the Roon UI is near instantaneous on my smartphones and / PC and the genre lag has been around for at least the last year.

  • Core is running on Arch Linux x64 headless on PC with Intel® Core™ i5-7600T CPU @ 2.80GHz, all cores enabled, 16GB RAM. It runs Roon and nothing else.
  • OS and Roon database is housed on Samsung EVO SSD
  • ~380k track library stored on local drives on same machine that houses Core
  • Core machine and WAP’s all wired to CAT6 gigabit network, 3 x Netgear GS108 switches
  • there are circa 40 genres within my library, for the most part aligned with allmusic’s genre / style scheme

Thanks, @evand. I’ve passed your report along to the team so they can take a closer look this. We appreciate the feedback!