Genre mapping table ignores roon genre edits

Normally I edit my own tags. But on occasion I edit roon tags when It’s just not convenient to fire up an external tagger (i.e. I cannot be bothered). I have just noticed that my roon edited genre tags are not mapping to generic roon genre tags. Old habits die hard and my personal convention for “Choral” was always “Classical/Choral”. So I have mapped my “Classical/Choral” to roon “Choral”. For some reason, in this Verdi Requiem there was no “Classical/Choral” tag set so instinctively I just put that in as a roon edit on the album edit page:

However, it is not mapping to “Choral” like my own file edits:

If I directly edit my files with my usual “Classical/Choral” then I get the expected mapping but i still have an additional redundant “Classical/Choral” which I have to remove manually:

Maybe I have misunderstood something? I just assumed that a roon edit would behave the same as a file edit. Whatever the cause, I have a bit of a problem now. I really have no idea in how many cases I did this. Is there an easy way of finding out my roon genre edits?

Hi Tony,

When you edit an album and add a Genre, Roon will allow you to add any Genre, but also will allow you to create a genre on the fly. See here:

In the case of my new Greg’s Crappy Music genre that I created, Roon has made it a Top-Level Genre.

In your case, you mapped Classical/Coral to Coral. So, Classical/Coral is not an available genre anymore.

Therefore, you created a new genre called Classical/Coral, even though Roon is mapping that tag from your files.

I’m not a Roon programmer, but I believe that since you added the genre to the album (by creating a new genre), Roon is not mapping it to Coral because it’s not from your File Tags.

Hope that makes sense.

Cheers, Greg

Thanks Greg,

Yes you are describing exactly what I did. I added a new genre “on the fly” via roon exactly as in your screen shot. So in effect roon let’s you create “user defined” genres in two ways. On the fly from the album editing screen and directly in your files using an external third party tagger. That we can all agree on. This is not the problem. It is the next step that is the problem

If I go to hamburger->settings->library->genre mappings->edit

Then I have made these mappings from my “user defined” genres to roon genres:

It should not matter from where I user define a genre. “On the fly” in the roon GUI or directly in my files using an external 3rd party tagger. But what I find is roon makes this mapping if I define the genre with a tagger but not if I define the genre within roon. This makes no sense to me. It should not matter how I “user define” something, especially something like a genre. Roon should treat them the same.

Hi Tony,

Maybe you could make that a feature request, but the response would probably be that when adding a genre to make sure you select one that appears in the drop down list as you’re typing. ie. don’t add a new genre.

Maybe a warning that you’re creating a new genre.

Cheers, Greg

Hi Greg,

Again, what you describe is exactly what I do. All I am doing is selecting “Classical/Choral” from the drop down.

When I choose “Classical/Choral” this way within roon it is just not mapped to “Choral”. BTW I also tested it with typing the genre in directly instead of selecting from the drop down and the behavior is exactly the same. That is, there is no mapping and I end up unexpectedly with this:

None of this makes any sense to me. It is easily reproducable. It shouldn’t matter how roon treats user defined genres whether you select them internally in roon or externally in a tagger. My expectation is that roon performs the mapping in both cases. Not just the external tagger case.

There is a further twist to this. In the drop down roon presents all the genres. It presents both my user defined ones and the roon ones. So it is not limiting your options by presenting only the (roon) mapped and (user defined) unmapped ones. You can easily see this by just scrolling through the drop down instead of typing into the selection box.

As it happens I would not prefer roon to restrict the drop down. The reason I go to the trouble of mapping my genres to roon genres is that I can usually remember what my own genres are. In many cases roon genres are not as self explanatory as in this case so I would prefer to be able to select a genre I can remember and have it mapped to a genre I cannot.

I don’t think this is a feature request. It is easily reproducible. Can @support please take a closer look at this?

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