Genre Mass Change

Not sure, whether this was aksed before. At least I did not find it…

Is it possible to do mass change of genres,i.e. Ronn genres? My collection is at the moment more or less completely classical (I parked the rest of my music on a different drive) and I’d like to set the genre Classical to all albums.
Lots of albums are imported without this genre and if it’s missing I don’t get my composers displayed properly.

I’ve tried to change it from track view and album view, but this does not seem to be possible.

Second question: I got some artists which are tagged Rock/Pop (like Beethoven :smiley: ). Do I need to remove these tags artist by artist?

Thanks for any insight.

In theory you can add a genre using a multi-select as follows:

Album view
Select an album (right click or long press)
Select All (top left menu)
Edit Fields
Genres, Add or Remove

In practice, however, my iPad doesn’t show Edit Fields when I Select All and have thousands of albums in the view. There seems to be a threshold.

I’d suggest adding a file tag outside Roon with mp3tag or similar as a batch job. That would be quickest.

Alternatively, you can multi-select a screenful and slowly work through all the albums.


yep - there seems to be a threshold. When I do “Select All” the system does not allow me to edit the fields. I had tried to focus on Genre not equal to Classical first, but it still does not work.

I thought about adding the field via mp3Tag, too. But I think this does not work as long as I have set genre to be used from Roon.

So it looks as if I need to change that first. But being not a very good genre groomer I will lose quite a lot, when I change this setting, won’t I?

The way it’s set up (a switch for each choice), you can use both Roon genres and embedded genres. So you should be able to add the genre in mp3Tag and have it show up, as long as you have “Use genres extracted from file tags” selected. (OTOH, I have noticed some apparent anomalies in what genres display in this situation.)