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I have started a new thread as my other thread concerns artist/composer search. This one concerns genre search but seems different to me and shouldn’t be lost in the detail of the other thread. But mods feels free to tack this on the end of the other thread if you prefer.

Search is not returning any results at all on genre searches. This search on “Jazz” is extreme:

But searches on other genres will return no “genre” section like “Tags” or Labels" that I can scroll to at the bottom. For example the top result for “Pop/Rock” that I get is this and even if I click on the album it has no “PopRock” genre so I cannot get to the Pop/Rock genre via that route:

None of my Classical sub-genres work either. So for example if I search for “Chamber Music” I get no genre section of Chamber Music and related genres. Instead I get a “World” album that happens to have a “Chamber Music” title which also has no “Chamber Music” genre tag so I cannot get to the Chamber Music genre via that route either:

Of course I can browse on a recently added album where I know there is a “Chamber Music” tag or I can search on an artist that I know plays a lot of Chamber Music but that degree of search indirection is not really satisfactory it seems to me.

I don’t think search has ever worked for genres?

I cannot remember TBH as I just didn’t use search very much because it was so poor. But surely it failed over more gracefully in the past with a simple search on “Jazz”?

In any case I realise now that as search has started to improve that it can be the quickest and simplest way of finding something in some cases (but clearly not all). I would like to see a consistent experience. I see now that for the longest time I have been making excuses and navigating roon in the most convoluted way. Other family members simply will not use it, largely for that reason because they expect to be able to get sensible results whatever they type into the magnifying glass. As search has started to improve so do I.

I think because I mainly listen to, and so search for, mainstream pop and rock and never use genres; search works just fine for me and nearly always has.

There is a genre search, but it’s currently not active because the functionality hasn’t been fully migrated to the cloud yet. It’s generally a very rarely used feature, and as such, it had a bit lower priority. It will be added again soon.

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Thanks. I just realized for example that on a “tracks” basis we actually listen mostly to mainstream pop, dance, indie and alt. country and americana. My listening stats seem to be biasing Classical, purely because Classical pieces are typically longer than 3 minutes.

I have also just realised that I cannot do a search on “Americana” or “Alt. Country”. What I typically do is flounder around until I find an album with one of those tags and get to it that way. The reason why I want to search on a genre is to set up a queue with a certain “mood”. Or at the moment, for example, do a search on the “Christmas” or “Holiday” genre without having to stumble around until I eventually get there.

We actually listen to a lot of mainstream pop, indie and country and that is the reason I have realised that search has started to improve. It would just be great if it could be tweaked to perform more consistently across all genres.

This has been fixed, and should be appearing with the first release next year.


Thanks, good to know. I’m an avid genre search user so this is an important fix for how I use Roon. I like to search for a particular genre, depending on mood, and then shuffle play that genre. Noticed it was broken earlier this month when trying to search for “Christmas”! :open_mouth:

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