Genre view and focus missing genres

I have a good number of custom genres that I blend with the Roon Genres. One of these is symphonic metal - I have numerous artists in this genre. I’m trying to make view to bookmark that contain just artists with this genre with a couple of other mixed in as well. The problem is it doesn’t appear under the main genres view:

Nor does it appear in genres available to select during album focus:

Nor under artist focus:

But I do have several artists who have this genre assigned:

If I click on the genre after navigating to an artist with that genre, I can drill down into a symphonic metal view. But it is unavailable from the genres list and focus filtering. What am I doing wrong?


I think I answered part of my question. I missed that symphonic metal was nested under pop/rock, heavy metal. I used the drop down and it showed.

I do think it would be good to have an option to show all genres, flattened from the hierarchy. Makes it easier to browse what you have.

Looks like I have a look of genre mapping to do…

Hey @Dan_Petit,

Here you can find more info about Genres editing in Roon - Let us know if you have any other issues.


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Just install Roon evaluation, and I run into something I really don’t like. I have tag all my music, I was using UpNP server with Linn app. I want to be able to find my music as I had it tagged.

I used a Genre call Indie Folk. I want to be able to select it quickly.

I have import my library with my genre tag.

And Genre mapping from Indie Folk to Indie Folk.

When I use Focus to select my music genre, Indie Folk is not in the root, but hidden under Pop/Rock => Alternative/Indie Rock.

It seems that’s the way the internal genre is setup by Roon.

I don’t want Roon to hide what is a main Genre to me under several click. I want to find it in the Genre section, and in the Focus main selection.

Is this possible?

I’ve read here that there is a way to edit the genre hierarchy itself.

But no explanation on how to do it…

Found my answer in the community, but there should be some instructions by Roon themselves on how to use their product. At least the forums seems well populated.

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Hi Francis,

Welcome! This may or may not have any bearing on what you want to do. However, Roon build 1211 has messed up the display of user generated data, especially in genres. We’ve been informed a fix is coming soon.


I believe the issue you are referring to was already fixed in the build previous to the one released yesterday.

Fixed in Early Access, not yet in Production (Stable release).



I keep forgetting I’m from “the future” :sweat_smile:


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