Genre view and focus missing genres

I have a good number of custom genres that I blend with the Roon Genres. One of these is symphonic metal - I have numerous artists in this genre. I’m trying to make view to bookmark that contain just artists with this genre with a couple of other mixed in as well. The problem is it doesn’t appear under the main genres view:

Nor does it appear in genres available to select during album focus:

Nor under artist focus:

But I do have several artists who have this genre assigned:

If I click on the genre after navigating to an artist with that genre, I can drill down into a symphonic metal view. But it is unavailable from the genres list and focus filtering. What am I doing wrong?


I think I answered part of my question. I missed that symphonic metal was nested under pop/rock, heavy metal. I used the drop down and it showed.

I do think it would be good to have an option to show all genres, flattened from the hierarchy. Makes it easier to browse what you have.

Looks like I have a look of genre mapping to do…

Hey @Dan_Petit,

Here you can find more info about Genres editing in Roon - Let us know if you have any other issues.