German descriptions

Hi there,

Is it possible to get German descriptions for albums, artists, … like it is possible in Qobuz for examples?

Best regards, Michael

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Hallo @Michael_Mahrlein,

this is one thing I would also like to see.
Unfortunately, there is no concrete answer in this regard, so we can only hope that something will change in this regard.

Maybe there will be something in this area in the future in the “Valence” area.

P. S.: I am not a Roon employee and can only speculate and hope.

Thank you for your answer. I thought that a special service like at qobuz is integrated into Roon, so that I can switch the language easily.

Hope this will be integrated in the future …

Best regards, Michael

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I hope this too. :wink:

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Hello, if you could at least copy the text, that would be a success. But I can’t manage it. Or am I too stupid?

Hi, I cannot copy the the text, too.

Wikipedia as an additional source for albums, bios, etc., is now in earlyrelease testing. This will cover German and other languages as well

Not possible.

No, you can’t copy the text because it’s a picture in Roon, not text!
BUT… if you’re using a Mac, take a screenshot (CMD-Shift-4) and use “Live Text” to extract the text.

… and paste into a text editor:

Possible, at least on a Mac :wink:

Well one can always run OCR on images of course. I meant straightforwardly :slight_smile:

It would be possible that Roonlabs use a real good translator to translate all the album and artist info before export them as an image. I don’t speak about Google translator, but about DeepL

This could be translated automatically for most languages and would add nice value for Roon’s high price.

True, but I have no idea if their Rovi license allows that. German Wikipedia coming soon

The introduction of german wikipedia is a good step in the right direction to make roon attractive to non-english speakers, but if i have one further wish, i would like for german the integration of biography content from and (both are used in the original German Qobuz app).