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I had a problem a few weeks back where Roon could not find my music anymore. I posted about it but got no help. I ended up downloaded the newest version of Roon but lost all backups and playlists. I can now play music again but want my playlists back.

I still have JRiver and my playlists are still there. When I first got Roon, I couldn’t figure out how to import my playlists so I remade them which took a very very long time. This time, I have tried again following the instructions. I put my JRiver playlists in a folder and exported them to the folder where my music for Roon is stored. I can see them there but I guess Roon can’t because it still says I have no playlists.

Please help. I don’t want to redo them again, especially since Roon may lose all my info again at any time like just happened to me.

I have Roon on a Mac computer but never run it there. JRiver is also on the mac. I use an Amazon tablet to run Roon .I have a nucleus and my music stored there and backed up on a WD Nas and on a WD backup hard drive

Have you thrown the Playlists switch in Settings>Storage Locations>3 dot menu?

yes. I have yes checked next to import other playlists and the jriver playlists are M3U

Have you figured this out? I am trying to get roon to read my jriver playlist.

not yet. and it really should be a simple thing to do.

I am getting close. it seems it can done by exporting a playlist from jriver. But in my situation it’s missing songs from playlists.

you have probably seen this. pretty simple. the part about m3u playlists should work for JRiver. I dont know why, but it didn’t work for me

go to this thread.“Import playlist from J.River to Roon”

we figured out how to do it

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