Getting rid of ‘Composed by...’ or ‘performed by...'

@support how do I do it?

I tried long selecting a track, or all tracks, then go to ‘edit’, 'edit track’ ‘edit credits’ and removing ‘composer’. It sometimes works and other times not. This is how it looks:

Is there some setting I can change?

The composer is also attached to the “song/composition” so you would need to edit that as well. Not just the track.

An interesting use case. I’m curious. Why do you want to do that? Not sure what links in your music roon would be able to make after surgery that drastic.

There is an option in “settings / general / show composer credits”. You could try setting that to “never”.


Hey Tony thanks for replying.

The reason I want this, is that I want a ‘clean’ tracklist.

How do I edit the “song/composition”?

I have no ‘Never’ option in “settings / general / show composer credits and I am fully up to date.
Are you sure you can you choose the option “never’ in that setting?

Sorry. You are right. Try “Less”.

When I played around with it that removed visibility of composers on most pop/rock/jazz genres but kept visibility for classical which is what a lot of people want.

Try that to see how you get on before a slash and burn of your compositions.

As regards the performer credits if you delete all of those you won’t be able to do the simplest thing like “search” on anything. I am not sure there is a display setting to inhibit performer display. I might be wrong. Maybe someone else knows?

I tried the “Less”setting, but I didn’t work. Nothing changed.

I also checked the tags of my music files and the ‘composer’ tag was empty.

What genres are causing a problem? Can you make a screenshot?

One thought I have is if roon doesn’t recognize your genres then it does not know how to interpret “less”. I have all (or most anyway) of my genres mapped to roon genres in settings / library. “Less” works for me but TBH I usually have it set to “always”.

Tony, I have no problems with genres. I have put up a screenshot with my first post after I posted it.
There you can see the blue lines underneath the song titles that say’s ‘composed by…’

This is very strange.

That looks like Court & Spark.

Mine doesn’t display the composer when the “display composer credits” is set to “default”. That is what I would expect with most pop/rock genres:

In fact, the only way I can get roon to display the composer is to set “display composer credits” to “always” .

As far as I can see roon is using genre to control when composers are displayed because many have classical libraries where by default the opposite is true. In that scenario you always want the composer to be displayed by default.

So your experience seems to be related to your library in some way. It’s worth checking that your genres are the same as mine. Otherwise you’ll need to wait for support.

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Yes it is ’ Court & Spark’. Big Joni Mitchell fan.

And you are right. When I change the genre from ‘Jazz’ to ‘Fusion’, just for the heck of it, the problem disappears. The question is now, what must I change in the genre to make this disappear?

Well, we’ve learnt something. roon treats jazz more like it treats classical than it treats pop/rock. There are probably a few others as well. What you can do is there is a switch somewhere you can switch off your genres. You can then re-identify a few albums until you figure out which of your genres must be causing a problem. Then you can switch your genres back on.

I’m a big Joni Mitchell fan as well. You must be a certain age.

I’m afraid genre IMHO is one of the things roon does really badly. My major gripe is that i have so many albums where roon assigns a more narrow specialist genre but then slaps pop, jazz or classical on it just to make sure. This has big downstream impacts on radio because there is always a “bridge” to completely different genres.

It’s funny you classify this as “jazz”. My problem is I have just noticed roon has put a “folk” tag in there. It also does this with almost all indie rock with an acoustic guitar in it. So radio ends up being this strange mix of iconic albums from the 70’s, the Dubliners and misrablist indie music from the 80’s. sigh.

If you really want get rid of the “performed by” at a track level then I would be selective. What works for me is putting the artist in the “album artist” tag but removing them from the “artist” tag. You will then at least have something to search on.

IIRC, composers are always displayed for Jazz and Classical.

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And no others? Just to confirm?

It’s not my area of code, but I think so at the moment. This kind of thing is not set in stone.

Thanks Joel.

I am already changing the genre.

And thanks Tony as well of course.

BTW. Radio just finished Court & Spark and then queued up with an experimental album of Juana Molina & Alejandro Franov snoring (literally snoring). Not good. The link as far as I can see is that both albums are singer/songwriter and folk probably because snoring is both acoustic and performer “composed”. That was mercifully followed by a Led Zep rocker for no other reason as far as I can see than it was the same decade as the Joni Mitchell. But the “mood” was ruined so I’ve turned radio off.