Getting rid of unwanted Genres in my library

I find a lot of Genres in my library that I have not created and that I do not want. They originated apparently from browsing through Tidal and have not disappeared after I cancelled that subscription. None of these Genres have any album listed, but some inform about radio stations. As a result, my library looks extremely cluttered and I hope, that I am not going to be stuck with this annoyance. I tried tagging the Genres in order to delete them, but that doesn’t work.
Can somebody please help me with suggestion how to get rid of this problem?

Probably not what you think. There should be Artists listed as well besides the radio station(s). If so, then this is just the way it is now with Roon 1.8. Read also:

I’ve seen a few people post this, I checked my genre’s and I can’t find any that have no artists or albums associated with them, I’m curious if you use the Focus feature in My Albums, choose Genre and View More, in my sample I have Sort by Library, which will give you a count of albums associated with each Genre, goto the bottom of the list, do you have (0) or do they just not show up?

Well, not really.

Playing around with the genres editor, I discovered that the unwanted empty genre can be assigned to another genre from where it then disappeared- voila! problem solved.

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I’m having a similar issue where I have the genre “Children’s” showing up as a genre but no artists or albums with “Children’s” genre only popular stations listed. Also, the genre is not listed under the edit genre mapping in the settings. So I can’t hide the genre or delete.

I also have the Children’s genre showing up in the genres page yet none of my artist, albums, songs, or anything are even remotely related. If I go to this genre page the “your artist” section is listing artists that are not in my library. Where is this coming from?

Are you sure about this? If you inspect them, they don’t appear credited for some role on albums in your library? This is not about primary artists only.

I just figured it all out. It is because they appear in the credits of an album I have or have the same name as, and are misidentified as children’s artists. The only way to fix it is to either go to each of those artist’s pages and remove the children’s genre from each of them, or to go and fix the credit on the album if you can.

@AnimalOnDrums … Or maybe in the future an option to hide specific genre.

Thanks for the idea. It helped somewhat to clean up those undesired genres

Yeah that would be ideal. But for now you have to use a workaround

I have no artists listed under the Children’s genre just live radio stations. So it doesn’t look like I have anyway to delete this genre.

I can’t remember who, but someone pointed out that they only had a few Genre’s, I can’t go that small, but I do like that idea and think I’ll go spend my time manually tuning and adjusting my genre’s. So if you don’t like some odd Genre, tune em up and clean up the mess so it makes sense to our own-selves.

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