Screen of the genres

I have something with the screen of the Genres behind the ‘button’ in the top left corner of the app, the layout was much clearer in 1.7 + I see genres that do not appear in any tag of my own albums, that bothers me beyond measure. Maybe a setting somewhere, turning off ‘import Roon genres’ does not help.


From Roon 1.8 is live!:

Genre Pages

Genre pages were previously limited to the music present in your library, but in Roon 1.8 you can explore music that’s new to you.

Genres that were previously unavailable or only featured a handful of content from your library now feature a number of recommendations powered by Valence, including recommended artists and albums, subgenres, Live Radio stations, and for classical music top composers and compositions.

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It bothers me enormously, it makes the overview of the genres assigned by me from the artists and albums of my own library unclear. This feature should be able to be disabled at this level. The suggestions when playing an album are much more useful for that


I can just agree with it!
I only use the setting “only genre of file tags”. The Roon Genre tags are disabled.
Since I only have a “local library”, it makes no sense to display additional genres (e.g. rap, children, reggae, avant-garde and others) that all have no content.
I would be very happy if this was switched off again.

Absolutely correct. The genres suggested should have some relevance to the listening pattern / library of the user. I keep getting a list of totally absurd genres shown.

The entire Genre screen has become pretty useless due to this. Filed a bug report 11d ago:

That is indeed not logical and cover that the error arises because among art-rock or prog-rock there are so-called classics. :slight_smile:

Yep, complete and utter nonsense!

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Add me to this request - I it’s annoying to have genres shown that I have absolutely no interest in, and have none of in my library. Please allow us to make our own adult decisions about what type of music we’re interested in.

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You mean you don’t like ‘Holiday’, ‘Children’s’ & ‘Comedy/Spoken’?

I’m with you @antonmb, I also have absolutely no interest in these genres and no music I would categorise this way. I don’t want to see it on my screen. I want to pick & choose my own categories to place in such a prominent position on the home screen. Total waste of time Roon, please listen to your customers!

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With you guys 100% - this used to work in 1.7 - if you used only your own genres it was very useful. Now we are once again exposed to the full silliness of the 3rd party metadata provider’s idea of genres. It makes no sense.


I figured the following work-around to at least hide all but one of those crappy genres from view:

  • pick one of those genres as your „dumping ground“. I choose Pop/Rock for it.
  • select each of those crappy ones, go into „Edit“ and make them a sub-genre of your „dumping ground“ genre.

At least that way they are our of view.

Unfortunatly no way to do the same on the „Home“ screen. I just never look at that one for now…