Getting Roon to turn on preamp when playing a song

I am a complete novice at this stuff, so please be gentle and clear in any responses. I’m using latest build of Roon (version 1.6, build 390, 64-bit) with SonicTransporter i5 (with latest software update - 2.7) on 64-bit Windows 10 (latest build), which is connected to a USB drive holding my music and to a Marantz AV7005 receiver/preamp via Phiree U2S USB to SPDIF converter, with cables to a coax and optical input on preamp. I have the Roon remote app on an iPhone XR.

It used to be that I could simply find a song in Roon that I wanted to play, hit the play button, and even with the receiver on standby, that would turn it on and the song would be played through my system. I have no idea how it did that, but after recently updating to latest version of Roon, that doesn’t work anymore. Roon also can’t find any devices when it searches. I can use it, but I have to first turn on the preamp manually and set it to the correct input (which this time around is AUX, although previously I think it was through Net/USB).

Anyone have any ideas on how to set things up so they work as they did previously?

Maybe your pre only auto detects a stream on the Usb input and turns on accordingly. suggest perhaps you read the Pre manual.

Thanks. That was it–preamp wasn’t being detected by Roon.

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