Getting Roon Working with sonicTransporter

I have been running Roon on a laptop, using SonicOrbiter with RATT. I have added a sonicTransporter so need to to configure the Roon Server for running on the sonicTransporter. I’ve been told to do this I should logout then start Roon in control mode, but now I have a screen ‘Choose your library’, with ‘library setup’ and ‘Use this PC as a remote’. Is one of these what I need ? If not I don’t see a way to exit.

‘Use this PC as a remote’ will do exactly what you want.

Roon will no longer run as server on your PC and start the application with remote functionality only.

Oh Yes, that took me to selecting the SO and then a log in screen, but as soon as I start my e mail entry the screen closes ! Retries don’t help.

This KB page may assist. Can you post a screenshot of the login screen you are referring to ?

Have you installed Roon Server on the Transporter ? If so, and the Transporter is on the same network as your laptop, then you should be getting an option to choose the Transporter as your library.

sonicTransporter comes with it installed. I now get to a screen to select the ST, this is progress, but then the next screen asks for a log in and here Roon just closes when I start to type my e mail address. In my prior post I meant to say a screen for selecting the ST, not SO.

Edit, I just looked at your link, yes I get those screens, but the next one I get, (not shown) is the login which I can’t do.

Sounds like Roon Remote app is crashing. Would you mind to send us some logs, so we can check this theory ? I’ll contact you shortly via PM with more details.