Gigabyte Brix Gaming UHD

Interesting pix and txt on this new pedestal style BRIX unit. Some further description from Gigabyte here.

Skylake i7 quad core (2.6/3.5 GHz)
2x 2133 MHz DDR4 slots (up to 32 GB)
GEForce GTX 950 (CUDA capable)
2x M2 slots (1 PCIe only, 1 SATA/PCIe)
2x SATA 2.5 inch drive bays
23-36 dB noise

So you could put 4.5 TB SSD (2 X 2TB SATA, 1 X 500 GB M2) into this and still have another M2 slot for the OS, Roon and HQP. Or you could RAID a 500 GB M2 with twin 2.5 inch HDs.

The GTX 950 is listed as CUDA compatible on Wikipedia so I suspect HQP could run the GPU with CUDA on.

This could store a good sized library, run Roon and HQP to upsample Redbook to 256 DSD, closed form filter with room EQ all day everyday and still be reasonably quiet. It could also go in a cupboard at the end of an Ethernet cable.

I will be keeping an eye on it when released later this year.

EDIT: Some reviews say there is no room for 2.5 inch drives, but the video on the Gigabyte site above clearly shows the location of those bays when stripping down the device. It is unusual that they are not featured more prominently in the product description.

EDIT 2: If the whole thing is going to be hidden away in a cupboard at the end of an Ethernet cable, then why am I paying more for the cute looks and tight case with no upgrade capacity ? A larger modular form factor would be a cheaper build.

Oh boy… That unit has your name written all over it.

Now, about the DSD256 upgrade for that Vega of yours… :wink:

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It looks like the DSD256 upgrade will cost USD$350, take three weeks with a return to China and may only be usable with the Aries or Foobar. Not something I’m terribly keen to do.

In the meantime I’ve solved fan noise from my existing BRIX using closed form filter through the cunning expedient of putting it in my daughter’s bedroom at the end of a 5m Ethernet cable. She only stays over 3 or 4 times a month now (University student) so I can get away with it !


Moving the Processing Computers out of/away from the listening room is always a good thing, imho. :smiley: