Giving up - Error 68 connecting to time Capsule

Hi, I did read all the forum etc etc but but I was unable to make it work with my NAS The latest Apple Time Capsule.

So even if looks a great player it has no use for me (user name and psw set etc etc)



I’m assuming you are trying to create a Watched folder on Roon that’s pointing to a network share on your Apple Time Capsule.

There is information on how to do this in the Roon Knowledge Base.
Once on this site and search for “NAS Watched”.
You should then see a list of topics, have a read … esp. these:
“Adding Folders Using Path”
“FAQ: I’m having trouble setting up my NAS”

Then if you are still having problems, then get back to us, with as much detail as possible, see
Reporting An Issue.

Thank you Carl,

The program is amazing but so far I was unable to get any of my NAS working with it.
The error is on both Time Capsule while on an old WD livebook it says “The Network Path is already in Use on your system”
I have no mapping problem or access (read/write) with anything else and everything is wired
I did also try to map the Time Capsule using the IP but the error is the same.(Error 68)
The only thing that works is a local USB drive that I am using to test the app.


Scanning the forum Error 68 was reported when NAS was configured for AFP network sharing and not SMB.

Can you check how the Time Capsule is setup, it needs to support SMB for Roon.

Can you also describe your setup as per the Reporting An Issue. link in my previous post.

Posting a screen shot of the network link you are attempting to use, would also help.

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Hi @Guido ----- Thank you for the report and my apologies for the troubles here. Checking in to see if any further progress has been made here.

The advice that @Carl has provided in regard to using an SMB mount as opposed to AFP network sharing, is sound. Have you given this a try yet? Let me know and if further assistance is needed I will be glad to lend hand.


Hi Eric, Carl, thank you for your support.

I haven’t made any progress yet because I have ben busy to explore the application functionalities, I think it is a great application so far I love it.

However I did install it in a small USB disk just for a test but since, most likely, I am going to buy the licence at the end of the try period I have bought an USB C SSD 1T drive because according to various post in the forum it’s the best way to set it up keep the files as local as possible.

I did read several post but it is not clear to me how to migrate the Library to the new disk can you please point me to the right entry in the forum?
Or it is better to start from scratch? how can I reset the database in this case?

For the Nas I will keep trying just for the challenge of it, there must be the way. If not able to solve it I will post a ticket or equivalent according to the forum policy.

Regards and Many Thanks


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Hi Guido,

Glad you’re enjoying Roon despite the problems. The Roon Knowledge Base (KB) will help reduce the learning curve.

You may find some references in the KB or on the forum about moving your Library to a new computer. These may refer back to an earlier use of the word Library to mean the Roon Core. These days we all call the Core the Core, which is less confusing.

Moving music files is very simple in Roon if you just remember one rule. The Core should only ever see one copy of the files. Otherwise Roon will think you have a heap of new files and want to analyse them all creating duplicates etc. etc.

Room’s ability to keep track of files across storage locations is now quite good, so usually you can shift your files without triggering fresh analysis.

So first thing to do is go to Settings/Storage and Disable the existing storage location. Then move/copy your files to the new location (USB) if you have not already done so, then create a new Watched folder for the new location.

The NAS issue is likely to be as set out by Carl above. Check back here with your system details if you strike further issues.

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Migration Perfect, few minors things out of 907 Albums … Great

Many Thanks, I will go deep in the manual in the next few days