Going from 2.0 to 1.8 and failing

I have a Roon Rock on an Intel NUC. jI have followed the instructions to reduce to 1.8 but keep ending up with Version 2.0 (build 1148) production instead of Legacy 1.8. My PC remote is 1.8 Legacy. I have done the download of roon_1-8, moved it to the new folder branches, renamed it to roon and hit the reinstall button but no luck.
What am I doing wrong? Help.

As of the last update last week, the period to go back to 1.8 ended. You can install 1.8 fresh and load a 1.8 database backup, but, any 2.0 database backup will not work with 1.8.

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Where can I find the 1.8 download for Rock? 2.0 is just too unstable for me - poor internet connection here.

Scroll down to the section called Download Links for Roon Core 1.8 (Legacy)

that’s what I’ve been doing - that’s doing the amendment in Network-Rock-Data-Branches . I’ve been following those instructions but the ROCK keeps ending up at Version 2.0 (build 1148) production.


Sorry, I didn’t notice you were on ROCK. Let me check on something. I’ll be back.

@Tim_O_Regan there’s a new installation mechanism for the new RoonOS release and it would appear that we need to update some documentation to reflect that. Sorry for the confusion.

Please see this helpcenter document for information on the new Reinstall mechanism.

You will want to download and use the following instruction file:

If that’s your only reason for going to 1.8, I’d suggest that fixing the problem with 2.0 is the better path, long-term. Else you get stuck on 1.8 with no new features ever.

There’s no fundamental reason why this should be happening. (And no guarantee that reverting to 1.8 will fix it)

Maybe you want to open a thread about the internet stability issue in the #support area?

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hi, that worked, thanks. rebuilding now - I forgot to restore a 1.8 backup first.
I’ll keep an eye on the connectivity and see how it goes.

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