Golden Ear Reference Speakers

Is anyone using Golden Ear speakers and their sub(s) or Rel? Thank you.

I have a Rel T5 (older model) and even though I use it with AV system and not my 2 channel stereo it is an excellent Sub.
The new one’s are even better than mine.

Rel has a great reputation. Trying to decide whether to go with what Golden Ear makes to go with the speaker or simply to depart and buy something that has been well reviewed. My speakers have a powered woofer section. Thank you for taking time to reply.

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I use BK electronics subs. They are what REL was originally. Very good value too in my opinion.


I use the GoldenEars 3D Array XL soundbar, but use RSL subs. The sound of the soundbar is, to my ears, great. Extended, detailed, but not fatigueing. I have been a big fan of the air-motion tweeter since the 1970s and ESS speakers. The downside of the soundbar is seating, you need to be in a smaller “sweet spot” than with conventional speakers. The BRX standmount speaker has been highly rated in every audio mag i read, as well as their various Triton floorstanders. Highly recommended at least to my ears.

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I have on of theirs on my Radar when funds allow. I didnt know they where related to REL.

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The do seconds on eBay sometimes too.

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Yeah I have seen. I only want one of the small ones Gemini II or XLS200. But I have lots of other stuff thats more important. Hifi and AV has to take a back seat likely most of this year.

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I think the 200 is worth the extra if you are just getting one. I have a pair of the geminis with my tannoys and they work really well like that.

I had One.R and the Reference Center. They are very good with a huge soundstage. Not hard to drive. I think they are an amazing bargain. They look awesome too.

I sold them due to a remodel (and a little upgrade-itis) It turned out that our new seated position put the tweeters above ear level.

I may trade in my four PSB Stratus Gold/i and the rest of the home theater incl. the Denon 14.1 receiver and get a Golden Ear soundbar.

I purchased the goldenear reference.ones from Vincent above and I concur with him that they have an amazing sound stage and are easy to drive with my anthem receiver. I also use two REL T9 subwoofers paired next to each of them in my downstairs theater. I also use two REL T9 subwoofers upstairs with my KEF LS50 II wireless…never had a problem with any of this equipment! Roon sounds great on both systems!


While the Golden Ear subs are clearly designed for their speakers, REL always gets higher praise.

What are your new speakers if I may ask.

The soundbar is not powered, just to make sure you know.

I picked up a pair of Focal Sopra 2 and the Sopra center. They are fantastic. I am very happy with them. Unless a pair of MBL Radialstrahler 116F or Magico A5 magically appear on my porch, they won’t be replaced anytime in the foreseeable future.

The Sopra were recently upgraded with Isoacoustics Gaia I footers. I can’t say enough about how much the Gaia enhanced the Sopra. They are an amazing upgrade. Every aspect of the speaker is better. I highly recommend getting a set. Another great option are Townshend Podiums. They are a bit pricey but I do see them come up on the used market every now and then.

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Hi Doug! I am glad to know that you are enjoying the One.R’s.


I bet the Focal sound great. People have talked about Gaia often (on YouTube) and they have a very convincing ad for them…

When you go to Audio shows, you often see the 2 and 3 with Iso’s installed.