Good way of using iPad Pro as Roon Endpoint

Recently aquired an iPad Pro 12.9" 2020. Among other things i’d like to use it as a Roon Endpoint (and control of course). Not really prepared for the abscense of the 3.5mm TRS output, i solved this by connecting my Topping NX4 DSD to it’s USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 port. But this is a bit awkward and really prefer you sitting at a desk or so.

So, how do you use your iPad Pro as audio transports?

Bluetooth is not really my thing but i could probably live with an Audioquest Dragonfly Cobalt or similar. I prefer over ear planar magnetics but i do have a collection of reasonable in ears.

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I use the standard (cheapest) iPad as an endpoint. It sits on my end table next and I’m using the CCK to connect the iPad to my Woo Audio Fireflies DAC/Amp. I plug my headphones in to the amp and I’m good to go. I use an iPad pro on my lap/handheld for all else and as a remote as well.

Thanks for starting this thread. I’m thinking along similar lines - maybe using an iPad Mini or iPod Touch as an endpoint. Fortunately both the current models still have 3.5mm headphone jacks but I’m also wondering about amplification, and how to connect it up, in case more power is needed to drive the headphones I have in mind (not yet bought). I’ll be interested to see what others suggest.

I use an aging iPad mini 2

I use it with a Camera kit to USB then a Dragonfly Red, that runs most phones even my 600 ohm HD 800 as long as you don’t want head banging volume

I also use to connect Bluetooth to a B&O Beoplay A1

I am sure there will be a USB C to USB female ala Camera kit

I look forward to your experience as this iPad is due to be my 70th press in 3 weeks time, shops permitting

Thanks for chiming in guys! :slight_smile:
I didn’t know there was an USB-C to 3.5mm adapter from Apple, but i just went to my local electronics store and picked one up, at roughly €10. One might ponder over why they don’t include this from start?

While a rudimentary solution for couch-usage, the sound is remarkably distinct and powerful! (I am trying it out with my Sennheiser IE800 while typing this)

I will punish the built in amplification by trying some planars and other over ear phones later!

@erich6, thats a lovely solution, and very useful for some situations. I have also used my other iPads as digital transports and they do remarkably well!

As strange as it might seem, the iPad Pro actually drives the Hifiman HE1K’s very well. Yes, there are benefits using easier to drive headphones, but the Pro goes remarkably loud with these.
I also tried HE Edt X v2 and Fostex TH-900 and even Focal Utopia and these all sound surprisingly nice and powerful!
Of course, the iPad won’t go more than 24bit 48Khz but Roon solves that in a flawless manner.

For couch use, i am satisfied! For high end transport use, there are other solutions, so “keep em’ comin’”!

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Waking the dead apparently, replying to this. I like that it warns me. I’m a Roon n00b. I’ve only got a day and a bit left on my free trial. Having said that, I’ve built a ROCK on an old 7th gen i3 NUC I had lying around, and I’m waiting on a hat for my raspberry pi to setup a Ropieee endpoint. In the meantime, I’m using my 2018 iPad Pro as my Roon source, hooked up via USB C to USB B - i.e. a printer cable - to my Topping MX5. I’ve found Roon freezes on the iPad Pro quite often. It’s not a huge issue. I restart Roon and all is well. The MX5 does a decent job delivering the audio to my speakers, albeit without any insight via the Roon transport chain, which is fine. Once I have a Ropieee endpoint, I’ll feed that through the MX5 as well. I’m not bothered by the fact I won’t have a clear picture of what happens to the sound once it’s out of the hat. Maybe I will in a fortnight. I’m finding the Roon fever gets worse - or better depending on your point of view - as time passes. There could be more stages to this transformation. I’ll let you know.


Ha! Down the rabbit hole! :slight_smile:
Thanks for sharing, and if you write Roon and ask them to furnish you with another trial period they will oblige. Allowing you to get to know the benefits and quirks of Roon even further before investing is a nice gesture!

I have, since, this thread was started, once again bought a Chord Mojo to use with the iPad. And a few weeks ago i actually took the plunge on a Chord Hugo 2. With an Apple CameraConnectionKit and an Audioquest Carbon USB C-USB Micro into the Hugo this is a very high quality transport for Roon (and other things).

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Nice! I’ve seen a lot of people raving about the Chord products. Glad the Hugo is enhancing your audio enjoyment.

I’m thinking of investing in a PecanPi Streamer as a birthday present to myself. Similarly rave reviews, but until my Pi Hat arrives, the iPad is working fine.

Thanks for the tip. I’ll drop them a line. I think I might already be at the level of Roon zealot though. :smiley:


Roon fever, haha! Yea definitely got a touch of that since setting up my system a few weeks back.

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