Google Home groups (CCAs and Chromcast Inside devices) being duplicated in Settings > Audio

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Roon Core v1.7 (build 521) running on Lenovo TS140 Win 8.1

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Roon Core on Gigabit Ethernet, devices on mix of Powerline Ethernet/UGreen adaptors and WiFi

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Multiple Chromecast Audio and Chromecast inside devices plus others. Specifically CCAs and Onkyo VC-GX30 for this issue.

Description Of Issue

I have some of the CCA and Chromecast inside devices in Chromecast groups. Everything looks fine in the Google Home app, individual devices and groups appearing as should be.

In Roon > Settings > Audio I am getting duplicates of some of the groups appearing. Currently I have 3 groups setup in Google Home, and I have 5 appearing in roon. I have 3 which I enabled in roon shortly after creating the groups in Google Home (again) and at which time only 3 appeared in Settings > Audio. Now when I go to Settings > Audio I have those 3 enabled, AND 2 extra groups asking to be enabled. From the IP address associated with these 2 extra groups, they are the 2 groups which include a CCA attached via a UGreen Ethernet adaptor.

I would suspect it was maybe the UGreen adaptor causing issues, but Google Home app has everything as it should be. Roon does not.

I have experienced this duplication of Google Home groups in roon many times in the past and invariably end up having to delete groups to get roon to forget them, then recreate the groups and re-enable them in roon. I am getting bored of doing this. Any ideas ?

Hi @Andy_Foster,

Can you please share a screenshot of your Roon Settings -> Audio tab that displays this behavior?

How are your Chromecast devices configured, are they using DHCP to get a new IP each time the lease expires?

I wonder if there would be any change in behavior if you try setting up a Reserved IP in the router for these devices?

Hi Noris,

ground floor, middle and kitchen, and everywhere are the 3 groups in Google Home. kitchen, bed, and sam’s room are Chromecast Inside devices. The CCAs are further up the page and not included in the image. As you can see there are also 2 Google Cast Groups wanting to be ebabled. Note that the enabled groups are all identifying as IP, which is the address of kitchen. Note also the groups which have not been enabled are both identifying as which is the IP of a CCA attached via UGreen ethernet adaptor to powerline

As regards DHCP, that is being used, but as suggested the devices all have Reserved IPs in the router config.

Oh and that CCA on appears in 2 of the Google Home groups, namely ground floor and everywhere, but not in middle and kitchen, presumably hence the 2 duplicate groups awaiting to be enabled.

EDIT: I place this post about Signal Path on hold. I am now getting inconsistent results on these displays. Either I am confusing myself or roon is getting confused. Suspect either.

AND while we’re at it, why is it showing DSP volume attenuation when the device is fixed volume on a CCA ?


Roon is just reporting what the CCA is doing here. As you have set the CCA to fixed volume in Roon, you can’t change the CCA’s current volume from within Roon. You have to do it in the Google Home app instead.

That’s OK, but the signal path is showing a DSP Volume attenuation when there isn’t any. The volume is fixed in roon. The CCA is running at 100% volume in Google Home. I use the volume control on the Cyrus 6DAC amp.

EDIT See edit to previous post. On latest viewing Signal path is now showing purples, which is odd as I didn’t change the volume on the CCA in Google Home which was showing 100%, I changed the volume on a group in which this CCA is included. CONFUSED, WILL CHECK FURTHER.

Are you sure? Did you actually check?

While having Roon open and playing, I can actually see in real-time how the text changes from passthrough to attenuating in the signal path when I change volume in the Google Home app.

Hi BlackJack. I am confused as I expected that. Please see notes in edit to prior post and let me check further.

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Hi @Andy_Foster,

For the Volume Attenuation issue, I would right click the zone name in Roon -> Device Setup -> Set Volume Control to Device Volume -> Exit out of Device Setup -> Set volume manually to the max -> Go back to Device Setup -> Set back to Fixed.

I suspect what happened here is that you had it on Device Volume previously and then changed it to Fixed Volume. Fixed Volume means that you can’t change the Volume though Roon, but if you had it set to something lower previously, fixed volume keeps the previously set volume in place.

As for the Chromecast groups with the same IP - can you share a screenshot of what these groups look like in the Google Home app? When grouping devices, it is expected that only the “master” zone’s IP show up in Roon, which in this case would be your Kitchen zone.

Hi Noris, thanks for the info on Volume Attenuation, that makes sense !

Screen shots of groups in Google Home

For reference, middle is on address 40, front 41, sam’s room 43, kitchen 44, and bed 45.

FYI on as of starting roon client just now I am no longer seeing any duplicate groups. Only 3 groups are now displayed, which I did have to re-enable. I changed nothing and had previously restarted both the PC and the roon client (and the roon server) several times without it clearing the duplicates.

Who knows, will keep you updated if duplicates reappear.

Hi @Andy_Foster,

Glad to hear that the duplicates are gone for now. I spoke to the technical team regarding your case and we believe the powerline adapters and your network might be a factor in this behavior.

If this issue occurs again, can you please check to see if rebooting just your networking gear or Chromecast device resolves it?

Generally speaking, we have seen quite a few issues surrounding powerline adapters and always suggest using a “mesh-style” network in place of powerline. If rebooting the router/cast device resolves the duplicates that would be an interesting data point though.

Hi Noris,

Hmmm may be further complicated because only one CCA (front) is on powerline, the rest of the devices are on a BT Whole Home mesh, actually just a single dish. The CCA on powerline is located with a bunch of other AV stuff on a Dlink switch on the end of the powerline. I did have another dish in the mesh at one point to cover that area but I was losing back haul speed with that in place which was slowing other work on the laptop.

I have rebooted all the audio devices in the past to clear issues many times. I think the last time may have been about a month ago when the BT Whole Home firmware was updated. I restarted the whole network at that time EXCEPT the powerlines as I figured they were unaffected. For reference the powerlines are TP-LINK AV1200 TL-PA8030P (v1) and I will include them in any further network restart.

Thanks for the help, will keep you posted if anything further happens.

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