Google Hub Display Keeps Flipping to Generic "Playing Roon" Screen?

Roon Core Machine

MacBookPro (headless, only running Core)
Big Sur 11.6
3.5 GHz Dual-Core i7

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Google Wifi

Connected Audio Devices

Google Hub/Chromecast, registered as both audio and display endpoints in Roon client

Number of Tracks in Library

~60k tracks

Description of Issue

When streaming to any Google Hub device in my house, the screen always displays the generic grey/black “Playing Roon” screen with the Roon logo but no additional details. It does not display the normal display that you would see when pushing a display to a Google TV/Chromecast connected to a TV or the web display.

Strangely, though, when watching the Hub during a track change you can see it switch to the “standard”, good display for a second on the currently ending track, then switch to the new track for just one second and then it’s back to the generic screen. It happens on all of the Hubs in the house. Any other streaming service works as expected when streaming to a Hub.

Here’s a quick video of a track change-over showing the behavior:

Is this a known issue? Is it something in my config? I have the display enabled for the Hubs to start on track playback, and the grey screens will start up right away, but not the richer display; that only pops up for a second when changing tracks.

I have the same issue. For another datapoint. I used a default setup.
I hadn’t used roon as a client on that device before.
It was cool I could stop playing using voice commands.

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