Google Hub - What's the Deal?

Randomly shows what’s playing for a hot minute and then gone. Is this ever going to work?

I remember, years ago, it was even possible to select next song. For now: it is just rubbish. If you’ve an Apple TV there is a very good alternative.

Yeah but I have hubs all around the house so it would be nice. Not firing up a TV to listen to Roon

Of course you do not want to fire up the TV to listen to Roon, it’s an example for a external software deployment that just works fine.

There is an existing thread on this but to answer your question, after all this time (3 years?) I would say no, it is never going to work. Roon have acknowledged the issue but not stated whether it is on the Roadmap, so draw your own conclusion.

Hopefully we will have better luck with the newly announce Pixel tablet but that is not due out until next year.

Would still be nice if this fix the issue.
Doesn’t seem to be a difficult issue because other platforms seem to be able to get it up and running.

Maybe one developer could have a look and put s “spike” on the scrum board.