Google Nest Mini announced; no aux out connector

Well, Google finally announced their new hardware, and there is no replacement for the Chromecast Audio. The new Google Nest Mini (looks exactly like the previous Google Home Mini) is supposed to have better speaker and better bass, but no way to get the audio signal out of the device to better speakers.

Has anyone been successful in having Roon output to a stereo pair of Nest Minis or Home Minis? Was wondering if I should buy a 2nd mini for a stereo setup in the closet I call a home office…

Did you tried? Any news over this?

Finally got a pair of Home Minis. Works as a stereo pair. Tested with stereo identification tracks, and generally level matched. Delighted to be able to get a stereo soundstage with minimal outlay. No bass, but that’ll suffice!

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