Got logged out of Tiday during playlist

Feb. 22, 2021 10:35pm PST - got logged out of Tiday during playlist. Red error box appeared on android remote. Clicked Retry, said to try later. Logged out of Tidal, relogged in. Oauth redirects to Tidal login page, both on android remote, and on windows 10 remote. Login is successful with Tidal, Prompt to allow redirect to Roon. Roon app offers Login button again, but says Tidal is not configured. Tidal is available via Tidal app, and webapp, but not through Roon 1.8. Local library files play.

Hi @tedm

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If you reboot the Core machine is there any change?

@dylan It has been resolved, maybe a couple hours after the issue was first posted. The core was 1.8, recently updated, and the remotes were all updated to the latest at the time.

The core is wired, several bridges, both wired, and with strong wifi, and remotes with strong wifi.

The issue was that I could not login to Tidal for a couple of hours. A few times a week, (this also happened with 1.7) I would get an error saying that Tidal was having issues, so I would usually Retry, and on occasion logout from Roon, and log back in. This seems to be something related to Roon and Tidal authentication, since I can always login to Tidal directly on a Mac or PC.

What was happening with this issue, is I would get into an oauth loop. I would sign in to Tidal from Roon, and on occasion get a prompt saying “Allow redirection to Roon” which I would click on to allow. Then I would be at a page saying, I was logged in to Tidal, but back on Roon, I was not logged in to Tidal, and Tidal was not showing on the main Menu.

When I would return to Settings / Services / Tidal, I would be prompted to login again, and the above would occur.

Since it is not occurring anymore, it may be resolved. I have also not had any Tidal logouts from Roon in several days.

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