Got my ROCK running, now I need something to stream to

The MacBook Pro was the original Roon Core, but having the server stop running every time I closed the lid got very old. I migrated and deauthorized the MBP to bring up the ROCK/NUC.

Just in case I had a case of terrible space dementia I closed the lid of my MBP just now and Linda and Nelson continued playing, so I think I’m safe saying it’s not my Roon Core. And then there is this…

…from Roon remote.

The instructions about configuring the BIOS were directional and not step-by-step. I flashed the updated BIOS as instructed and then went in to make the configuration changes, but found the documentation didn’t match the actual BIOS UI. I only changed things that were required: Enable legacy boot/disable UEFI, changed boot order, etc. I made no changes to anything else that wasn’t required.

I used the link to the specific NUC on Amazon from the Roon article to avoid the unexpected. However, given the mismatch between the documented process and what I had to do, there might have been something changed in the updated BIOS.

Since the ROCK/NUC was sending the screen output over HDMI to confirm it was running, and display the URL for the system status page, I don’t think I did anything to the HDMI options.

As you posted, this is the only thing that counts -

BTW - Kudos for understanding you weren’t giving away the keys to the kingdom by not hiding your IP. Many people believe that is a deep secret that only they should know.

I’ve been there. Just last night, as a matter of fact. :smirk:

Anyway, tagging @AceRimmer or anyone who can move this thread to the appropriate section where more ROCK users might happen upon it.

Good luck.

All done sir.


Getting kudos for that seems weird, with 25 years in enterprise and consumer software engineering and research under my belt.

But still, I can’t get my ROCK/NUC to be an endpoint yet, so… :wink:

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The ROCK guide says this:

We have had a few reports that NUC10ixFNxN models (the one’s that end with an “N”) do not have Intel HD Audio Support and thus won’t be able to expose their HDMI or local outputs to RoonOS.

Your NUC model doesn’t match but it describes your symptoms exactly. Even without HDMI, at least the headphone output should be available. You might have just been unlucky and stumbled upon another model that doesn’t have Intel Audio Support.

Check out the other thread and see if there are other clues you could follow up on. Does your NUC have a headphone jack in front?


According to the specs on Intel’s site this model does have Intel HD audio support:

But does it really?

Might check in the BIOS to make sure it is enabled?

Aha, but is this the model the OP truly has?

Again, the BIOS should give the correct model number.

Please recheck whether you have an N suffix in your NUC10 model number, in which case you don’t get HDMI output due to absence of HD Audio.

Do check whether you have a headphone jack on the front panel. If you have it, then we can continue to look at installation / configuring issues to solve this. If you don’t see the headphone jack, then that’s the reason.

Is it simply the case that the necessary drivers are missing but available as a download, or is there an incompatibility between existing drivers and this hardware?

@Brian_Murphy3, when you bought the device was there a blurb in its advertisement that it supported Intel HD audio? If so and it doesn’t, then return it as having been sold under incorrect specs. If they give you a hard time about it, have your credit card company deal with them. It’s been my experience that no one argues with cc companies over customer disputes.

Suppose it depends on how bad you want ROCK as an endpoint.

You can enable/disable HDMI Audio in the Bios, if the NUC hardware supports it. It’s worth looking there… I disabled it on mine to stop it showing.

The N suffix model specs state that HD Audio is absent. I assume there’s actual hardware difference.

HD Audio, if present in the hardware, still needs to be enabled in BIOS (default).

I used a link from the Roon ROCK post about supported hardware to buy this NUC. There needs to be more caveats added to that post if the NUC the link points to may not actually support all features.

There isn’t a headphone jack, but there is an “HD Audio - Enabled” Entry in the BIOS under Advanced/Onboard Devices.

Here’s the main page of the BIOS:

And the System Information page:

If this is not the right NUC, I need to tear it down and send it back ASAP and get the right one.

It’s likely the wrong type of NUC for you.

Look around the NUC hardware or its packaging. See if you can get the exact model you got from a label or something.

The HD Audio BIOS entry, if you do have the wrong type of NUC, is likely useless. The difference between the two different hardware is perhaps too small for Intel to bother releasing a different line of BIOS.

I’ve already shut down and broken down the ROCK/NUC to send back. I checked again, and the Amazon product I purchased shows the device with HD audio jacks. That clearly isn’t what they sent me.


I suspect NUC10i7FNHN without HD Audio (Q2 2021) is a replacement of NUC10i7FNH with HD Audio (2020), and I suspect the older model is no longer produced. Therefore the vendors simply ship the new variant without changing the old product link or photo.

Also, has NUC10i7FNH removed.

If you are referring to this:

it does mention this caveat but towards the bottom as kind of a side note.

I believe he meant the Amazon link on it led him to purchase the wrong product, so I offered my theory why the link is no longer trustworthy.

The SKU number ends in N as does the family reference, so I suggest pack it up and send it back for now at least…you can return to the Mac core pretty easily :sunglasses:


Yes, I have returned to the, less than ideal, MBP hosted Core. I’ve also restructured my network so that all devices are now on a single subnet, so all network devices are discovered by the core.

Meanwhile, I’ve hunted down a couple of NUC10i7 (2020) and NUC8i7 (2018) options with the speaker/headphone port and HD Audio. We’ll see how that goes. :smirk:

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