GPU support for DSP

(Frank Berens) #1


Modern NUC’s have great GPU’s. Can they help the ROCK with the DSP algorithms?
So that not only the CPU does al the work and the GPU does nothing but they work together?
Just a thought

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It’s definitely a good idea, especially on devices with low power/small CPUs. The GPU could make all the difference in terms of DSP and upsampling etc.

No doubt someone will tell us it will negatively impact sound quality due to the noise generated by the additional load on the GPU.


just out of curiosity, what’s your use case where a NUC’s CPU is too slow for what you’re doing ?

(Danny Dulai) #4

On the lowest end NUC we suggest you use, the NUC7i3, you can pretty much do every bit of DSP without taxing the CPU much – on PCM.

DSD upsampling and convolution on DSD can be much more taxing on the system. We are researching GPU solutions here, but it still in early research phases.

Cuda support in roon
(Frank Berens) #5

Hi Danny, is there already any progress in this area?

(Cheung Hon Wah) #6

Any update on GPU on DSP? applying Convolution Filter on DSD is painfully slow… do I really have to upgrade for Convolution on DSD? otherwise my server is working great in all other area

(Joachim Herbert) #7

Also see here for comparison of cpu loads: Archimagos Musings

(Hans Stahlhelm) #8

Any updates on this matter, @support ?