Grado GS1000e Roon DSP setup


I have grado gs1000e headphones. Can someone help me set these up for Roon ? As I understand there is some DSP settings or something?

Appreciate any help.



There are no specific or correct settings for any pair of headphones, except for some presets for Audeze. Are the headphones new to you? or do you already know how you want them to sound? have you used an EQ with them in the past?

Hi… yep new 'ish… they sound great but I’m still playing around with Roon and settings etc. Just thought I’d ask…

Btw… I’m still struggling to save songs as favourites in roon? I doing some wrong? Doesn’t seem to be an option. Cheers

Of course. I just wanted to know before I sent you down a specific path. Roon has a parametric EQ that would probably be the best place to start if you are looking to maybe add some bass or something, but it can also take a ton of adjustments if you want to go all out.

When you mean save favorites, like from Qobuz or Tidal? Or from your own music? You can’t save favorites from Roon or Tidal, but you can save the songs to a playlist of favorites, or add them to your library and then favorite them. If it is a song from your own collection, then you click the heart icon at the end of the track name when looking at it in album or track view. If it is a song that is currently playing from your own collection and you want to favorite it, click anywhere in the bottom bar that shows the waveform and controls and it will expand a little bit and the option to click the heart icon will now be there.

Thanks so much for the help ! I noticed this. I realised that I couldn’t seem to click on the heart on a song when I was playing this via tidal through Roon. It just wouldn’t let me. So like you said I now add them to my favourites in roon but haven’t as yet seen what options there are in the favourite section

So If I have a song in my own ‘hard library’ - IE songs stored in my Qnap NAS then I can heart them or not ? Sorry to ask again :slight_smile:

I also have just spent 699 bucks on a lifetime subscription. Had to be done !! Cheers

No problem. And yes you are correct, if the song is from your NAS you can heart it to mark it as a favorite.

You were probably thinking about the ready to use convolution filters.
A quick forum search helps to retrieve the relevant thread, from where you’d get to the Grado GS1000e filter download.

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