Graphical Genre Hierarchy Editor

(John Calvert) #1

As a feature request, I would like to request a graphical drag/drop style Genre editor. The current method of setting up the parent/child relationships for Genre could be greatly improved.

I wonder what's going to be in 1.6?
Roon we need to talk (about genres)
(Ludwig van Marbach) #2

Agreed. It’s very unfriendly at present.

(Andrew Cox) #3

Yes please.


+1 ! Excellent idea !

By the way, it wouldn’t hurt to add the possibility to allow multiple parents for a genre.

(John Calvert) #5

…Also, this would be fine to restrict to larger format control units - desktop and perhaps tablet? Would not be needed or practical on phones.

(Marcus) #6

Quick question, can someone point me to the existing way of doing this? Can’t seem to find it

(David Orgel) #7

Settings > Library > Genre Mapping

(Marcus) #8

How do you organise the hierarchies there? I’ve seen that, but see no option to alter the hierarchies or add/edit genres(?)

(David Orgel) #9

Have a look at this:

Basically, you can map your own genre scheme, as expressed in embedded metadata in your track files, onto Roon’s scheme, and you can promote/demote items in the hierarchy. Separately, you can also add/delete genres when you edit an album within Roon.

You can also supplement your genre scheme with tags, but that’s ancillary to the core genre stuff.

(Marcus) #10

Hi, thanks for that. I’ve seen that help page, but am I missing something in the Settings>Library>Genre Mapping dialog box? I can’t see the ability to edit genres, only edit the mappings.

My pre-Roon database had genres distilled into main genres (i.e. Jazz or Electronic), and now I’d like to take advantage of the ability to have multi-genre but can’t see the way to organise hierarchies. I know I can add genres in the edit album dialog, but any new option appears in the hierarchy as a top-level item, instead of under something else. For instance, I added ‘Folktronica’ and it’s listed as top level, instead of under something else like electronic or whatever. Can I do this? (rearrange the hierarchy?)

(Nathan Wilkes) #11

You can edit a specific genre’s parent by Genre —> three dots —> change the parent. In your example, you would add a parent to Folktronica to place it somewhere in the genre hierarchy.

It is confusing, and somewhat hidden. The KB article isn’t particularly helpful.

(Marcus) #12

Oh that’s super helpful! Do you know how/if you can edit the genre names? For some reason all the ones I added saved without any capitalisation

(Nathan Wilkes) #13

I do not know how to edit Genre names. You may be able to add another entry with capital letters and remove the old associations using the Genre mapping tool, but I have not tried this.

(Marcus) #14

Yeah I tried that, but no luck. It accepts it as simply the same.

Hi Developers, a graphical interface would be nice for genre editing. But, what would be nicer would be to edit the names of genres. To wit, I have no idea why the top-level genre “pop/rock” exists, and not as a sub-genre of “rock”, which the label is mostly applied to. It’s kind of sacrilegious to see groups like Nine Inch Nails etc labelled “pop/rock”. Thanks