Graphical Navigation Glitches

Roon Core Machine

Windows 11
Asus B550i
AMD 3950X
Nvidia RTX-3070

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Universal Audio - Apollo Twin

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Description of Issue

I am having a weird lag issue with scrolling and navigating Roon. Usually Roon feels snappy and responsive, but I find that sometimes it gets caught in some weird kind of loop when I do some combination of clicking on albums, pressing the back button, and scrolling. When this issue occurs, Roon seems to be autonomously performing some combination of the actions I told it to do, but they are delayed by several seconds and also seem to be duplicated/executed more times than I entered them. I’ve only started noticing this happening in the last month or so.

It would be difficult to capture a screen recording of this when it happens since it clears up after 5-10 seconds and I’m not sure I could launch a screen recording software in that time with Roon being effectively unresponsive. Are there any logs I could capture to demonstrate this behavior? I can’t seem to duplicate it intentionally, but every once in a while (maybe once every hour or so) I catch these weird graphical navigation glitches.

I think one other aspect to this (that seems more repeatable) is just scrolling in general. Roon seems to ‘stutter’ very slightly each and every time I scroll on my albums page.

It looks like there are major drops in the “frame rate” of Roon whenever I input a mouse wheel scroll of exactly one ‘click’. It’s like Roon does like 80% of the scroll animation, then just teleports the album to their final position which doesn’t align with the end of the scroll animation.

This video captures the more minor, but still noticeable glitches that happen almost all of the time that I described in my follow-up comment.

What else is going on on the PC , it sounds like the “keyboard buffer” or “mouse buffer” storing then acting.

If your PC is unresponsive for some reason and you keep typing / mouse scrolling etc with no effect those keystrokes are stored in the keyboard buffer (not sure how many) . When your PC “comes back” those buffered “commands” are acted upon.

The same for mouse clicks.

Does that explain the observation ? I see it occasionally on my desktop which is quite a “busy” machine

I think it’s possible, but it doesn’t seem to be correlated with the number of programs I am running or have idle.

In fact, I uninstalled several idle/background programs from my PC recently - so I would have expected a decrease in this behavior if that was the case.

I also don’t think that explains the second, more consistent, and possibly related issue. The second issue doesn’t seem to do with buffered commands at all, it seems to just be a newly surfaced, uncharacteristic lack of polish in the scrolling behavior.

The second issue feels like my mouse wheel is starting to crap out on me/lose sensitivity due to wear, but it’s only in Roon that these stutters occur. Here on the Roon community for example, scrolling is very consistent.

Here is another video, that I think shows the stuttering better. Notice on the third scroll upwards there is a very obvious stutter. That’s not a glitch in the recording, that’s Roon.