Graphics problems on an old Mac Mini running Windows 10

I think the problem could be a few things:

  1. GPU hardware that fails under limited circumstances

  2. OpenGL Bug in Windows 10 + Nvidia Graphics Driver conflict

  3. Nvidia Graphics Driver bug (no OpenGL bug)

  4. Roon bug in Windows 10

Considering that this seems to open happen with one program on one OS (and not the other), I’m less likely to be convinced of scenario 1. I think it’s more likely that it’s number 2 or 3. And while option 4 is technically possible, I think the other two are more likely.

But neither of those scenarios have a good fix. I can’t upgrade the graphics drivers on this hardware and OpenGL is baked into this cake too, so to speak. I think my best choice is to go back to MacOS and run Roon from there. The problem doesn’t happen there and I can still get DSD to my Oppo 205 via DoP.

I guess I’d gotten so used to running Windows 10 on my 2008 iMac in my 2 channel room flawlessly that I thought I’d do it this way for consistency. Also, even though the Oppo 205 can do DSD512, I don’t have any DSD512 content in my library and don’t have a server robust enough to drive HQPlayer for DSD512 output via a NAD. So for right now, the situation of using Windows 10 to speak to the Oppo 205 via native DSD is kinda moot.

Maybe one day I’ll find a later model Mac Mini to do this with but now, I think I’ll stick with running MacOS on it. So we can close this issue since there doesn’t seem to be a good fix that is achievable.

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