Great sources for music discovery!

There are a couple of threads here listing specific music recommendations (monthly thread, jazz box sets, etc.), but how about pointers to music discovery sites and sources, where do you learn about new music? (sort of like the internet radio swap thread).

Here is one site I have been checking out:

This site plots every genre and sub-genre you can possibly imagine and then artists underneath (derived from and linked to Spotify)

I have some others but for a later reply.



It’s kind of crazy-cool, but at the same time it’s not hard to see why the ‘norm’ is to drill down from genre to sub-genre. How would you find anything? :grin:

I was on an iPad but I didn’t see any artists after selecting a genre.

There is a lot more going on in a full browser.

In the default mode, whatever Genre you pick starts playing a representative song.

Select Scan and it starts jumping around the screen randomly playing 10 secs of random genres.

List makes a vertical list so more manageable. In List, if you click on a Genre you get an embedded Spotify playlist that you can start playing with. Then there are a bunch of filters at the top that tune how it builds playlists based on the selected Genre.

I haven’t used it a lot, but wondering what Turkish Hip Hop is or Deep German Jazz is!!

Okay. “Deep German jazz” drew me in (less exotic than I thought, as it turns out). I don’t know that I’ll be a regular visitor, but I was vastly amused by gong to the main page and clicking “scan”.

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Yes it’s more of a novelty and eye opener than an ongoing tool…

Band to Band. I love finding out the drummer in a favorite band also played in some obscure band that only released one 7" in 1996 or whatever.

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in former days there was an iPhone app called “discovr music”: you could enter an artist and it showed similiar artists … I discovered lots of good music by this way … unfortunately it has been discontinued … so far didn’t find somthing equal …

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David Byrne of talking heads fame has an internet radio (which is Mixcloud). I haven’t explored much yet, but think it is mostly Mixcloud playlists of interesting/new/discovered music. He has a new book “How Music Works” which I downloaded to Kindle but haven’t started reading yet.

If you use an IOS device then “discovr” is worth a look:-
Discovr - discover the world of music by David McKinney Pty Ltd

Apologies, I inadvertently “shanghaied” your post, but as you mentioned Discovr is a great & current app. Linked on a later post. :pray:

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All sources of music welcome in this thread! :headphones::saxophone::musical_score: is a good discovery source and now you can save songs to Spotify.

From 8tracks or Spotify to Tidal you need to use

Alas, currently, limited to USA & Canada :worried:

Ill put this here for those who have not discovered Jeff Wayne’s The War of the Worlds.

A 30 min documentary from the BBC available on the iPlayer. This tells the story of how it was made with fascinating insights for fans old and new.

I’ve been working on a platform for discovery. It is still young, but the idea is to put all sources in one easy-to-reach location. You can search tags and all that stuff. Open to feature suggestions and development help. I’m also going to take a look into these sites you’ve posted.

It’s called Krado … the Esperanto word for “Crate”. Was going to virtual crate digging.

I’d love to hear your feedback!

It’s early in the day, so first impressions, IMPRESSED. The layout is particularly clear and response time when clicking links very fast. I found a new “liked album” within a few seconds, I need to use it some more :+1:t3:

Well keep in touch. I’d love to hear feedback and feature requests!


I’m not sure the search feature is working? I even tried searching an artist I saw appear on the main page without a result.

However…great idea!


Oh noes! I’ll have to look into it. As I mentioned, this is a pretty new project. So, bugs happen! I’ll take a look and see what is going on there and hopefully have a fix this evening.

Can you tell me exactly what your search text was?

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Ummmm…I tried a few general searches from bandcamp artists that I figured were better known. Without luck I just randomly selected an artist I saw on the main page.

I just tried again with Mike Dillon (no idea who that is) who I can see on the main page & search function doesn’t seem to work. Nothing happens when I try & search.