Green light at the DSP Volume step ("attenuating")

Hi guys,
Just bought a Chromecast Audio to give it a try with my set up.

The average green light shines on the signal path at the following step : “DSP volume attenuating”.
I’m sorry but I don’t understand what it means…

Can someone explain it to me ?
Is there a way to have the purple light at this specific stage with a Chromecast audio ?

Many thanks for your precious help !

No, as DSP volume attenuation changes the bits … thus the output whilst still high quality can’t be considered bit perfect.

I had the same issue when I set mine up. This thread pointed me to the solution.

Turn the volume on the Chromecast all the way up and then control volume via the device. I can confirm this got me bit perfect output with a CCA connected to a Peachtree DeepBlue 2 speaker. Let us know how it goes. Cheers!

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Oh yeah - it works just fine now with the gorgeous purple light :wink:
Not sure I hear the difference, though - I’ll give it a try at night.

Many thanks guys !