Group different kinds of endpoints / LivePhish+

Good morning all.

I am relatively new here (and to Roon). I’m loving my experience with it so far. I just moved into a new house and have Roon and a new Sonos system. While Sonos has made many improvements, I still enjoy the Roon experience more. In terms of music playback (ignoring AV applications for now), the big advantage Sonos has for me is number of sources. The requests for additional sources (Apple Music, Sirius) seem to have been addressed extensively here so I will only add that I support adding both of these.

I have two requests that I have not noticed yet:

  1. I would love to see Roon be able to connect to LivePhish+. It supports a smaller industry player (which I like and seems to go with Roon’s ethos) and I just found out is on Sonos.
  2. Can we have the ability to group different types of endpoints (ie: a Raspberry Pi bridge AND a Sonos endpoint in the same group) for simultaneous playback?

On an (un)related note, is anyone else frustrated with Tidal’s iOS app? When I decided to make the Roon transition, I started using Tidal instead of Apple Music as my main source of music. I find their app to be really buggy and frustrating but I’m sticking it out in hopes that they work the kinks out.

You can’t group non like endpoints. Roon relies on tight clock sync which you can’t do when it’s a mix of protocols it would be an absolute dogs dinner.

Adding streaming services is a two way process. The provider has to want to integrate the Roon way or its a non starter. Smaller services don’t tend to have the resource to offer this and only provide a simple API at best which is simply not enough for how Roon works. All services operate the same or not at all is their ethos and USP.

Forget Apple until they open it part Sonos it’s just never going to happen and very unlikely as Apple are not that open to such things. Pressure needs to be but on them as Roon has already asked but they are not interested.

I think the Tidal app is the best of all of the services in my opinion no issues when I use it. I am on Android not sure if that’s a reason or not.

Is it more like an internet radio service? It might fit in that part of Roon. If so, post in that section of the forum here