Group Master Volume Slider

Roon has a convenient option to group zones.
When you want to change the volume of a group, you have to adjust the volume of each zone.
It would be handy if there was an option (checkboxes?) to lock/synchronize the volume sliders. So when you drag one slider, the other slider(s) adjust automatically.


It would be really helpful to have a slider (instead of just buttons) to adjust the master volume of a group of zones. This would greatly enhance the spousal acceptance & usage factor.


Hi, I second that request…there are +/- buttons for grouped zones, but a slide that moves all the zones volume in tandem would be great! Thanks.

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I’d suggest to rather have something like this:

Better an additional “Master Fader”, so you can easily correct the matching between specific zones.

Trouble is, every device has its own “step width” (i.e. how many dB does a step up or down mean). So if the levels are matching for all zones at - say “50” it doesn’t necessarily mean it still matches at “30” or “70”. Icing on the cake: have the step width adjustable for each zone (and share the data for known volume controllers / implement them for “roon ready” devices). I know of some devices that even have split ranges (say 1.5 dB from 0 to 40, 0.5 dB from 41 to 100). Such ranges should be reflected as well.

If one zone runs into a limit (< 0 or > convenience level) it should remain there but remember the relation to the others. Meaning if the master returns to a level that allows it, pick up the previously “stuck” zone volume level and maintain the relation until a single zone fader is changed.

That would be quite hard to explain to people as to how it works. It’s ok having complicated pieces when they are hidden away where only the experts go, such as DSP. But this would be right upfront. Look how long your explanation was.

The only thing upfront is the Master fader as proposed by @Andy_Spinks.

My long description is just writing down common sense and a user would explore this in a second.
I proposed to have the “complicated stepping-stuff” hidden for “roon ready” devices users. One could have defaults, of course or hide it inside a configurable extension.

Other ideas?

Hi all

I use Roon more and more for everyday listening which goes through multi room via several Roon Ready endpoints or Airplay endpoints

Volume control is nice in Roon. I especially like the ability to tap on the slider right or left of the current volume position to increase or decrease the volume

There is a feature that could make it pretty much easier and funnier to quickly adjust volume in all rooms at once when playing multi room: a slider that can control master volume ie volume on all rooms at once

At this stage to increase or decrease all the volume, one has to tap multiple times on the +/- buttons. This can take much time for example to go from volume 20 to volume 60

This can be a simple slider that changes by one step all the volume in all zones. If one zone reaches its maximum or minimum then this master slider would not impact it anymore

This can also be a relative slider like in Sonos that increases volume in some zones relatively compared to the others. For example the master slider can show the average volume of all zones

But yet if the first suggestion regarding a simple volume slider controlling all the zones is implemented that would be really nice

What do you think about this idea ?

Best regards

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Replying to an old thread because I agree

We need a master volume slider to control all grouped zones.

I am using multiple Sonos devices to play music casually throughout the main floor of my house and it takes too long to adjust volume for each individual device.

It seems there is tons of room for the slider to be implemented in the area I have indicated.



Good idea. I use Roon similarly. This would be a feature improvement that should involve very little heavy lifting. I would only add that the endpoint sliders be independent but the “master” would move all in unison.

I don’t own Sonos and this may be what you mean by relative volume control.

Bump a year later and 4 years since the original ask…perhaps can bring this back to attention.

Agree, plenty of room.
Screenshot 2022-12-16 233934 - Copy


Same here, no reason to omit a master slider!

Roon Server Machine

So sad there’s still no Master Volume Slider… also very annoying

I’ve moved your post from Support to the existing Feature Suggestions thread. If this is important to you, please vote for it by using the Vote button at the top of the thread.

Please, if a master volume slider is completely impossible :roll_eyes:
We DO have the -/+ buttons that do the same thing. Can’t we have their functionality assigned to the mobile device’s volume buttons? Using those in a group setup weirdly sets an absolute volume of the first device it finds in the grouped zone. To me, this seems wrong in any imaginable scenario.

Can we have both, the Master Volume Slider AND useful volume buttons on remote control devices?