Group Multiple Speakers Mac/Airfoil

Attempting to get ROON to recognize Airfoil (Airfoil is superior to the Apple’s audio preferences and allows grouping all devices/speakers on the network and choosing whatever source).

Roon can’t group unrelated devices (which makes purchasing Roon worthless and bad investment for me = I will not even use it).

MacBook Pro macOS 10.13.6 / Bluesound Pulse / Bluesound Node 2i / KEF LSX

Not sure if this is a comment or a question.

How do I get Airfoil to play Roon / Qobuz OR how to add Airfoil to Roon to take advantage of the multiple speaker, independent source playback capacity that Airfoil has and Roon lacks?

So, why are you posting on the Roon forum?

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Seems to work for others

I was hoping that one of you techs could help me figure out a work around since Roon does not provide tech support. After all I just paid 120$ for Roon.

If you have a problem getting Roon to work properly, as designed, post a request in the Support forum and the Roon support people will respond. If you want to request a new feature be added to Roon, post that in the Feature Request forum. If you want to try to use Roon in a way other than as designed, post that in the Tinkering forum.


Ok, thanks for providing insight.

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I’ve moved the topic to #tinkering.

I haven’t used airfoil in years, but I do use airplay and roon. I can group my three airplay zones in roon and it works well. They are in different rooms, so I don’t need microsecond timing accuracy. I also can group my two RAAT zones as well, but RAAT and Airplay can’t be directly grouped. However the hardware that I have that does the RAAT protocol also does airplay, so if I wanted to, I could expose the airplay format and group all my zones together.


Set Roon as the Source in AirFoil, and turn on the outputs you want to stream to. You can even control where it streams, and the volume from the AirFoil Satellite app on any mac or iOS device. It’s a great workaround for “shaky” networks that Roon doesn’t like, as it always works.

Thank you for confirming that Roon will play with Airfoil. I had tried so many different configurations through hardwired 470mbps ethernet that didn’t work that there must have been a conflict somewhere. Delete everything, start over and now Airfoil is playing all my speakers on command from Roon content in different rooms.

thanks again everyone…

MacBook Pro macOS 10.13.6 / Bluesound Pulse / Bluesound Node 2i / KEF LSX

A little update.
I have a hardwired CAT6 network, except for the 2018 MacBook Pro I use to control Roon. Whenever Roon decides that it doesn’t want to play—who knows why?—I switch the endpoint to Airfoil, and everything works perfectly. It’s a little bit less seamless, because I have to throw a switch to let Airfoil know which endpoint I’m using, but that’s not much of a hassle. The endpoints can be controlled from any Mac or iOS device on the network, including volume.
It is a great way to keep your sanity on those days when Roon just isn’t feeling up to the task.