Group zones greyed out

I’m trying to group my CXN streamer and my Galaxy S7 (which I’ve connected to a bluetooth speaker). Any idea why I can’t group them? The Group Zones button is greyed out. Is there something fundamental that means this is not possible?


Is the cxn is connected using airplay?

I have two connections available at the moment, one via Ethernet from laptop direct to the CXN and the other from the laptop to the router via airplay and then Ethernet from the router to the CXN. I’m experimenting. I’ve just bought a Bluetooth speaker for the kitchen and would ideally like to synchronise it with the CXN.


If you click on the little light next to track playing as in the first screenshot below it will show you the signal path roon is using as in the second. If it shows airplay then you can’t group that with the phone.

Hi Ged, thanks for your reply. OK, I’ve connected using Ethernet direct to the CXN not using Airplay in the chain, but the group zones button is still greyed out. Any ideas?


Did you go and look what roon is reporting?

Hi, yes:

If you look you are connected to the CXN through chromecast. If you do the same looking at the signal path for the phone see what you are connected to that with?
If it isn’t Chromecast then you can’t group them, if it is connected via Chromecast then you need to go into Google home to do the grouping.

Thanks. I’ll have a look this evening. I hadn’t noticed the chrome cast link before. The connection is hard wired, so not sure how chrome cast comes into play here. Hmmm

The application level is over the network. The CXN isn’t a roon end point so you can only use Chromecast or airplay.

Hi @Peter_Jones,

Would it be possible for you to connect the CXN via USB instead of through Ethernet?
Connecting it that way should allow you to group the CXN and Galaxy via RAAT.

– Noris

Thanks Norris,
I tried the USB option but unfortunately the distance is 8m and the audio doesn’t travel that well over that distance (I tried it and it isn’t an option). However, I think I may have found a solution using a bluetooth receiver and a toslink cable from the CXN. I’ll order one on Amazon and see if it works.


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