Group Zones Option Greyed Out


When trying to group zones the option to Group Zones in the top right hand corner of the zones acreen is greyed out and unselectable.
I have 3 Chromecast Audio zones that I want to group but am unable to do so.
Is grouping supported with Chromecast?

Only with Chromecast Audio devices not the video ones. And you group them in the Google home app not Roon.

They are Audio, yes.
So I can group them in Google Home… should the group show up in Roon?

That I am not sure. I just know you have to group them in Google home. I think Google home will look after the sync if you play to one of them. But I could be wrong.

You might want to look at this article in the Roon Knowledge Base…

The groups do show up in Roon now.
Google Home sync is not great, though - max delays of 200ms… think i just about got it right.

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