Grouped Zone sync delay issue between Kef LSX and Sonos Play 1

I’m having a synchronization delay problem while grouping a zone. It is between a Kef LSX and a Sonos Play 1 and they don’t play at the same time, with a delay.
In a different post on the forum (UI Bug - Grouped Zones Sync Delay limited to 1000ms) I saw they mention a tab on the zone settings where you can change the sync delay.
I’ve looked for it on my computer, ipad and this tab doesn’t exist for me. Does anyone know why? Any helps appreciated, Thanks

Hi @David_De_Geeter,

Can you share a screenshot of Device Setup for each of these Zones?


Hello Dylan, thanks for your reply, here are the screenshots:

Thanks, David

What have you grouped as one is named marantz which doesn’t seem to be neither the LSX or the Sonos as you mentioned in the first post?

Hi David,

The Zone Group Delay setting is under Advanced in Device Setup. You didn’t show it in your screenshots.

Cheers, Greg

Here are screenshots with advanced tab selected but it is the same, I already tried before.
@ged_hickman1, in the screenshot there is also indeed a Marrantz Mcr 603, so 3 systems grouped. But if I do with 2 sytems (KEF LSX+ Sonos) or 3 (KEF LSX+ Sonos+ Marrantz MCR 603), it is the same, Zone group delay doesnt’ show up under advanced in Device Setup.

Cheers, David

I’m pretty sure you can’t group Sonos with anything else so I’m confused how it is letting you do so.

Sonos Play, Kef LSX and Marrantz MCR 603 are all using airplay protocol. That’s why it is possible to group them. But even if I just group the Marrantz and the Kef I have the same issue so the Sonos is not the source of the issue…

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Hi there, I found this old post on the forum and it seems I m not the only one with this issue.

Latency among different Airplay speakers

The delay tab doesn’t exist with Airplay apparently. Any chance for this Feature to be added? Thanks, David

Best wishes to everybody!
Any update on this?
Thanks in advance,

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