Grouping of multiple audio devices (Auralic Aries, Bluetooth, AirPlay, Sonos)

I’d like to play the same audio stream through all the audio devices in my house. This means Bluetooth speakers, AirPlay, Sonos and Auralic Aries. Please instruct me on how this is possible. I need to know how to group them all into one zone and ensure that there is no time deviation between any of the devices. They all need to be in sync so the sound is consistent throughout my house.

See this FAQ:

Link Zones FAQ

Note that you can only link zones of the same type.

Cheers, Greg

I found Airfoil app ( ) to replace the macOS audio preferences. Airplay allows selection of multiple players regardless of make as long as they are connected to your network. It also allows choice of source but I have not found a way to play Roon through Airplay.