Grouping speakers to play the same content

Here is the issue I have, I have Roon feeding a Bartok upstairs. Downstairs I have BlueSound Nodes. Roon works on both though I cannot group them to play the same content.

Screen Shots.
Appreciate any help.

Not sure what a Private Zone is or how to set that up?

Welcome to the Roon community, @todd_radwell.

You can group zones that share the same protocol. Therefore, you shouldn’t have an issue grouping Bluesound devices and the Bartok since these all use RAAT.

However, you can’t combine RAAT and Airplay devices.

If all your devices support RAAT, double check Roon Settings > Audio to make sure you have enabled the correct interface for each device.


For your question about Private zones, if the zone is set to private it cannot be grouped.
Go to the device setup and look to see if “private zone” is turned on for each of the zones.

You can access the device setup by either right clicking the zone from the zones icon:

Or going to “settings/audio” and clicking the gear icon next tot he zone:


Thank you, so simple and it worked.
What confused me was the Private and not understanding that. I did need to match by the routing number once I disabled AirPlay and Enabled the option closer to the top of the web page, the name I had used for AirPlay restored and after a few seconds it was playing.

Works great, the Studio is a high end 2 channel system with Wilson XVX speakers, this is upstairs, volume is fixed to Roon, controlled by a VTL preamp.

Downstairs is a shop with in walls.

The whole building now rocks.

Here is a picture of the 2 channel setup.

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