Grouping tracks into works

@John_V I think there is a misunderstanding?

That example is not mine. I do not have that Barber album. That example comes from roon’s own website (knowledge base), where it is using that particular Barber album as an example to illustrate the superiority of its object model approach to the other players.

All I tried to highlight is that the same issues being faced by all of us are even being faced by roon themselves when they prepare their own marketing material. As it happens, there have been many requests for “smarter” business rules to handle the case of dead composers. Roon’s position is that automating that is harder than it looks so it has very low priority as is obvious when you see the consequences slipping through even to the knowledge base as above.

Unfortunately I am painfully aware of the composer in the artist field issue and the level of manual intervention in general required with a Classical library, especially if you used the same metatdata suppliers in the past as roon is using now to automate the ripping process in the first place. I find issues with almost every album and I am surprised that others do not seem to. I rather suspect that the issues are there but go unnoticed just like the roon example above.

I do however have a completely unrelated point with Barber’s adagio in albums that I do have but I haven’t got a response: