Grouping Zones Not Working

Dell XPS i7 SSD /Windows 10 Roon 1.7 build 10

This is my first day on Roon trial. i downloaded the trial to my Windows 10 machine. Can play music to Audio engine speakers and to my two Sonos speakers but cannot Group the two Sonos speakers.

The Group Zones does not allow me to group two working Sonos speakers… it is grayed out.

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Wi-fi network which is working fine

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Both Sonos spearks play music, just can’t group them

Description Of Issue


If with a degree in computer science I can’t figure out how to pair two Sonos speakers within an hour, it will be audios… back to Audirvana… thought I would give it a try, but you guys are way to smart for me :slight_smile:

Ok, I get some cred back. I went out to the Sonos app, paired the two Sonos speakers, and boom, they are now both playing the same song using Roon… BUT do they show as paired in Roon? Noooooooo before I spend $700 US, this hast to get much cleaner.

(I am still willing to learn if somebody has a better way to do this).

If no one replies to you, you might want to try a forum search. There’s plenty about grouping Sonos.

Here’s but one example -

Thanks Slim, I did get a hing about turning Airplay off on the Sonos. I will try that. I knew there had to be a way to group the Sonos w/o going out and using the Sonos app.

Hi @John_Williamson,

Welcome to the forum and glad to hear you got the Sonos grouping to work through the Sonos app!
Are the two Sonos zones you’re trying to group using the same generation of firmware (S1/S2)?

Noris: thanks for the reply and question. The two Sonos speakers are both S2 ,Build 60381140 Ver. 12.1

Is there a way to pair/unpair these speakers within Roon, or will I always have to have the Sonos app hanging around just for this?


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Hello @John_Williamson,

Thanks for confirming that they are part of the same series.

Are you by any chance trying to group the Sonos Airplay zone with the Sonos Non-Airplay zone?

Roon only supports grouping of the same protocols, so if you have Sonos Airplay active under Roon Settings -> Audio, I would disable that and enable the Sonos-protocol zone.

Then you should be able to group the two zones.

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