GUI 1.8 issues: menu icon on android tablets not accessible, icons, functionality

Roon 1.8 GUI - Problems description:

#1: I am not able to access Tidal, My Radio etc. as there is simply no Menu icon on my screen.

Devices tested: android laptops mounted on the wall (so no portrait mode available!).

#2: I am a little curious about the “<” “>” icons…seems to be a “history of what we searched for” or so. Well as I started 1.8 on my tablet -after the update- somethings popped up which is really old… guess many months old. I tried to use the “<” and “<” icons but this was a nightmare! Are you guys serious: I have to click 1000 times to go to the most current entries I did!

#3: Due to the problems I deinstalled Roon which was a nightmare as the software crashes android and I had to try many times. Finally, I re-installed the software and “my albums” screen was the first I saw. But still no menu icon … extremely slow, start duration up to 40 second etc. (btw: 1.8 crashes often thereby …so is there maybe still a “debug logging” enabled? If so, I see 1.8 more an Alpha version and wonder why you roll out such a buggy software).

Finally: The GUI is the right step going forward. The links between albums, composers etc. are phenomenal. But the GUI usability is not (btw: maybe you could make all icons bigger and separate all with enough space in between … in 1.7 I stopped to used most of them as when clicking on a tablet screen often the wrong function has been activated…was more adjusted to use a pen. Right?

Hi @DanHP432,

Are you able to share a few screenshots of the issue? What is the model/manufacturer/OS version of the affected devices?

Hi Noris,

Thanks for the quick response.

I wondered about the information you ask for (model, OS ver.) so I assumed you made some tests prior asking.

To make a long story short:
The display size you guys tested 1.8 was obviously set to “default”. So I changed it in the settings and now the menu icon appears.

Guess this information is worth to be shared with other Roon users (I briefly checked the community and seems others face the same problem on android tabs).

BTW: could you check the “go back” algorithm … seems on some functions you “jump” to the beginning of the list e.g. Playlists…this is really making me mad as the scrolling back to position i was at is kind of “wasted lifetime”. Right?

#2 and #3 still open…


Hi @DanHP432

We’ve released a couple minor updates since your initial report that have some changes in the areas you’ve mentioned — Are you still seeing issues with the above items?


Hi Dylan (@dylan ), yes indeed you made great progress, menu is visible, position remains “in place” going back to e.g. playlists. < > icons do not store “old history” but just manage the “current session” history…which is much better!

Still lot of work. Most important from my point of view are: see picture… I tried to add info "what to move and what to add and what is missing in the views. Additionally, almost all icons have to be made bigger. When you create something to click then it should be big enough for fingers not only for pens!

@dylan Hi Dylan, one more issue: there is a sorting bug in the playlist algorithm (Sort by Name). The first playlist I see starts with “B” then “9…” then an “A”. Take a look at this guess the developer have to recheck. thanks in advance

Hi @DanHP432 ,

Thanks for letting us know that there’s been an improvement here and for the additional feedback!

I would recommend also posting your suggestion in the Feature Request section of the site.

Our product team and developers keep a close eye on that category, so that’s definitely the best place to propose a change like this and get feedback from the Community.

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