Guidance for installing 32bit Roon to replace 64bit version on Windows 10 64 it machine [Answered]

I have read frequent advices to try Roon 32bit instead of Roon 64biton Win10 to solve slowness issues on machines equipped with Intel HD Grahics following Microsoft updates . This has been my case for many months now, but since my library is somewhat large and many edits have been made, I was afraid of possible problems with a Roon reinstall.

Following another Windows update, my patience is almost exhausted. I now think I should finally try the 32bit workaround. Could someone provide me guidance on a sure way to install a 32bit Roon version on a system currently running a 64 bit version, so as not to loose any data (library, edits, settings) ? Are the steps simply :

  • make a Roon backup
  • uninstall current Roon app
  • install the 32bit release
  • restore library from backup

Is there anything else I should be carefull about ?

Thanks for your help

Hi @Andre_Gosselin ----- Thank you for the post!

Moving forward, I would first make a backup for your current DB for good measure, and then (without the application running) download/install the 32 bit version via our website to your computer. You should be all good to go :wink:


@Eric I did exactly that. First made a backup just in case, and next installed the 32-bit version from Roon web site. No need to uninstall anything, or to restore anything from the backup. So simple it was, when I first feared a complicated process. And my problem with the sluggish Roon UI following the latest MS update has disappeared. Why did I wait so long to go that route ?

Given the number of people who reported that installing the 32-bit Roon version solved a similar issue on their Windows 64 machine, I really think that the simplicity with wich this fix can be applied deserves a strong mention in the Roon knowledge base.

Thanks for your help