Gustard devices will never be "Roon ready"

Today I got this message from Gustard Service Support about R26 DAC :frowning_face:

Obviously, they can choose to build what they want, but the justification makes no sense. Other streamers also have their own “control program” and nevertheless provide interfaces for Roon.


I suspect that Roon is not crucial for their business…


I wish I knew that they were not going to pursue Roon Ready certification prior to me purchasing my R26. I purchased the R26 under the premise that the manufacturer of the R26 were actually in the process of going through the Roon certification. As far as performance is concerned, the R26 IMHO sounds very good and I used Roon with it however, I wanted to obtain all the features that a Roon certified device has to offer. Obviously, I like using Roon and its features.

The reference to Standby isn’t correct unless Roon have changed the criteria (or made it an optional/compulsory feature of Roon Ready). I’m sure there was a recent bit of Roon Ready kit that could not be taken out of Standby by Roon. Hence I argued that it was quite literally not Roon Ready. Of course I may be remembering all this incorrectly!

Anyway, I suspect that when they update the streaming platform for the next box it will have the necessary resources to become Roon Ready and they will design the capability in from the start. Older kit does not have the necessary resources and is not worth the development time to add features to for something whose sales are potentially dwindling due to a newer model being on the way.

I’m not sure what you are missing. I have the A26 connected to my rock via LAN, sounds awesome and I simply don’t need to control any aspect of Roon from the DAC. Via the renderer it takes whatever Roon throws it. So why would they need to do more?

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@Mike_Lowndes. Sorry for the late (very) reply and thanks for your comment; you are correct, not missing anything at all and I agree that it (my R26) sounds awesome as well. Just thought that being Roon Ready/Certified would garner additional control features via the Roon App.