Gustard Zen IFI

Finally Got HQPlayer setup to Push from ROON

Struggling with Ideal Settings

Heres my Gear Thoughts?

Server/PC: Ryzen7 7735HS w/ 32Gb 4800Mhz - DDR5
Endpoint: IFI Zen Stream
Dac: Gustard X16

Currently with my Convolution Filter made in Housecurve I cannot play DSD Natively if File is DSD256 as Roon only uses 2 Cores of my 8c

Primarily Listen to Country of all Eras and Types , Acoustic & Singer Songwriter and Jazz

Have all Balanced Rotel Gear Sound is very Clean

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Load the convolution filter in HQPlayer’s matrix processor instead of running it in Roon?

Optimally, disable any DSP processing in Roon (except leave MQA Core decoding enabled).

You may want to upsample everything to DSD256 using ASDM5ECv2. Your filter of choice, but the default ones are a good starting point.

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Hey Jussi,

Yep DSP is off in Roon
I think I have it loaded correctly in HQPlayer
Should I be using Direct SDM to get the best results or no?

I have it set as Overlap Save?

Is there a breakdown of Filters that leverage CPU or The recommended for different types of sound

Your software is a tweakers dream or nightmare


Direct SDM would bypass all DSP when your playback is DSD → DSD. Including convolution.

Overlap-save is 2x heavier than overlap-add, while the results are practically identical for most cases.

There’s a table with some recommendations in the PDF manual (on Windows, you can find it from Start-menu in HQPlayer-group).


Do you recommend Running Core and HQplayer on Same Box

Should I just run Embedded on my Mini PC and use another lower power box for Core ?

Or should I be running Ubuntu

Takes 8 seconds or so from Play in Roon for sound

Is NAA exclusive mode on Zen better than the AIO

It depends on your hardware and if it doesn’t get too complex/expensive for your case. I prefer to run Roon Core on a separate machine (old i5 NUC) and then I have HQPlayer instance(s) running on more powerful hardware.

But if you have for example 12th Gen or 13th Gen Intel, you can probably have Roon running on the efficiency cores for example without any pain.

This largely depends on the HQPlayer settings, and also on the source media content. For streaming services the initial delay is likely higher than for local content from SSD or similar.

Yes, the intention is that the exclusive mode is more efficient. And what I’ve tested it works better for me.

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Ok thanks Jussi I will try seperate systems

I just tried using embedded and will need to more learn the interface as Bitrate options just showed as big numbers but ditching Windows seems ideal