H390 and H590 now Roon ready!

Try rebooting everything a couple of times.

Thanks for the reply. I have rebooted a few times and even disconnected the Hegel from the network. Unfortunately no luck as yet.

I don’t know anything about the process, but are you sure it successfully updated? Can you confirm the firmware version number? Sometimes both a Roon core and house router reset is required for the devices to re-discover each other, as Ged suggests above.

Thank you both for your advice. I am a little embarrassed but I thought the firmware had been updated. I wear glasses and when I initially went through the process (i.e. updating using the remote) I was wearing my short range readers :-b.
Anyway, I had a closer look at the firmware and it still was the previous version, not the new one ending in .2002. It has now been updated properly and everything is working with ROON just fine!!! Sorry for wasting your time and thank you for your replies.


We’ve all been there! :slightly_smiling_face:

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So, finally got around to updating the firmware in my H390 for Roon Ready. No issues, Roon recognized it straight away, and I fired up an album. Sounded pretty good. Then switched back to playing through the Lumin T2 (connected to H390 via XLR). Sounds so much better in every way - dynamics, punch, clarity, soundstage (front-back and left-right), instrument placement, and bass is just so much better. Not saying I wouldn’t be happy to use the H390 direct with Roon if I didn’t have any other option (it would be a great one box solution), but there is no doubt that the T2 adds a whole other dimension - well worth every cent.


Thanks for this insight @Rockhound, I’m in the proces to use an external streamer/dac pref. also incl. a Roon server (all in one device). If I’m correctly informed the Grimm audio MU2 should be a good candidate.

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Grimm make great gear - I’m sure it will sound fantastic!

Expected to be ready early next year. But I have my doubts it will be ready as a product. We will see. I am waiting for the first reviews. Anyway it will probably be very expensive, close to 15-20k

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It certainly will be. And for that kind of $ one could have a Lumin X1 today and be very happy indeed :sunglasses: