H390 and H590 now Roon ready!

Updating now to test. Hope we can get support on this thread. Thanks Hegel team :raised_hands:t3:


Which do you have?
Keep us informed please of progress.

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H590 updated here - works fine.


H390 updated - works fine
Only the sound is very soft after the update, have somewhat returned it to the old sound levels. Maybe someone here can post a step-by-step guide on this forum.

H390. Had to do the update 3 times as it kept restarting and not updating. But once it did, came out in my room client and it’s working great :+1:t3:

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They mentioned over on Facebook that the volume level works different now, from 0-100, so you may have to increase volume to a higher level than before to get the same “gain”…

I remember experiencing the same thing after the Roon Ready firmware upgrade on a Hegel H190 a few months back. Performing a factory reset on the amp solved the issue.

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After updating my H390 (p5119.2002) I still do not see Roon as an input. Any ideas? I’ve pulled the power chord for 30 seconds and restarted. Did a factory reset. No dice.

Also, Can anyone tell us if roon works through the DAC Loop?

how do you restart the update? I think i have the same problem. It downloaded, updated restarted. But i doens’t work.

Happy to report that the eagle has indeed landed.

Updated my H390 just now in California. Almost anticlimactic because it worked great on the first try. Works like a charm.

Keep suggestions flowing here. What a difference a day makes, eh?

Updated H390 without issues. First impression, replacing Node 2i (streamer) is very positive.

Thanks @Anders_Ertzeid just upgraded my H390 and all is well.


Having the same experience with the sound. Nothing audible below 40. Resetting to factory defaults didn’t change the outcome.

Feels like a loss of power output. Would appreciate Hegel’s thoughts on this.

Make sure you turn the volume up into the 70s to test.

Upgraded my H590 without issue.

I just turned it off and on again and went to firware update in the menu. It went through on my third try. To check if it went in or not check he info in your menu, firmware version should end with .2002. Working and sounding amazing now. Not experiencing the volume issues that others are posting above. Wonder what that could be?

Also restarted my roon core once the update was done. Just in case

I have no audio volume issues at all. If anything I have to turn it down compared to before the update. I did reboot my Nuc after upgrade my Hegel although I’m not assuming it is related.

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I believe the volume issues are only for those who previously set a Max Volume on the amp. If you’ve never done this (which I haven’t), then I don’t think you experience the issue.


You have to activate it on the core as Roon ready

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Really works with me on my 390!!

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