H390 will we be able to use the DAC Loop with Roon?

@Anders_Ertzeid a question: will we be able to use the DAC Loop on H390 with Roon? In other words: ROON via Network, so the H390 acts as a streamer, feeding into an external DAC through DAC Loop. Will this be possible?

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To early to tell I’m afraid. Working on the implementation now

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It would be nice to be able to use the DAC loop: you would get all the advantages of the Roon setup (On/off; volume control; etc.) on the Hegel, while having the option of using a different DAC

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How do you reconcile this statement with the fact that you have been saying for (literally) years that your Roon implementation is 99.99% done?

It’s actually consistent - Anders said a couple of weeks ago that the 0.01% missing ended up necessitating a rewrite of the whole code from scratch. Which means another long wait, hopefully less than a few years this time…

This got merged with the 390 thread but I was actually asking about the H190 and H120.

Can anyone confirm that input signals from Roon are sent out to an external DAC and returned to the Hegel via XLR when using the DAC loop function - similar to other digital input signals?

Never mind. I didn’t realize that neither of these models has a DAC loop.

Am I correct that the DAC loop function of the Hegel H390 is limited to PCM 24/192 and DSD64?

Hello Anders good morning! I upgraded Roon Ready on the H390 and it’s working ok. I use an external DAC and I can’t use the DAC Loop (I already use it with Mconnect), can you instruct me what I should do for the Dac Loop to work. Thanks

For anyone wondering, DAC-Loop with Roon is indeed working fine.

With my Elac Concentro floor-standers I have a very difficult time telling a difference with the Topping D90SE though. I will keep the Topping for my office setup and organize the cables nicely again here :slight_smile:.

the DAC loop integration is well thought out on Hegel…you have the option to enable both Ethernet (what I use) and USB… and or assign individually… to my Denafrips DAC

With Ethernet… your limited to 192khz and DSD64 … but then again not that much material above 192khz… I removed the Tidal HiFi Plus with MQA option… and using Roon to upsample PCM to the power of two for lower bit rates to keep clock efforts down and no upsampling above 88.2khz … i think Ethernet is better but still testing as I just upgraded all my interconnects.

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Hello! Do you use BNC-RCA coaxial cable for the LOOP? Connecting BNC digital out of Hegel to Coax In of external DAC?

Yes this works fine and is what I did into various DACs.

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I used a cheap BNC to RCA passive adapter then an RCA cable, which also worked fine.