Had to force quit on a Mac twice this evening

Ok, it may not be evening where you are, but it is here

I know there is a pitiful amount of information here, but I was running the client.

The first force quit occurred after playing three or four songs from an album. The music stopped playing and the client didn’t respond to any clicks on the interface - there was no spinning beach ball.

The second force quit was while I was playing another album. The music continued to play, but the main window - where the album information and tracks appear - was plain white, i.e. no details. Also the playback controller at the bottom of the screen was frozen on an earlier track - i.e. the playback information was showing a previous track (presumably the one that was playing when the problem occurred), This time I had the spinning beach ball.

This was on a 2012 Mac Mini with 16 gig of RAM.

Again apologies for being somewhat vague.

@OneHandWaving – any more issues here?

Let us know!

Everything’s been ok since.