Handling of images and PDF files

I am curious about the logic Roon follows in deciding whether to display the presence of PDF and JPG files within the folders storing the FLAC or DSD files.

In this example, I have a DSD album stored in this folder:
“\Diskstation\Media\Music\Music-ROCK\Margareta Hallin\Mozart Requiem - 812864019667\DSD 128fs - 2ch”

Within this folder structure I have 3 non DSD files within the Margareta Hallin sub folder, these are:

  • 812864019667.jpg
  • 812864019667.pdf
  • Folder.jpg

The first two files are located in the “Mozart Requiem - 812864019667” subfolder (these are the 812864019667.jpg and 812864019667.pdf files) while the third file (Folder.jpg) is located in the DSD 128fs - 2ch subfolder

In Roon however, I can only see 2 jpg files appear, there is no mention of the PDF file… The only way for Roon to show the presence of the PDF files is to move that file to the DSD 128fs - 2ch subfolder… Why is it selective about this? It is strange that Roon shows the presence of 2 images despite the fact they are not in the same subfolder while Roon seems to ignore the presence of the PDF file…. Why is that?

I am fairly sure I did not have this issue earlier, so I am wondering if there was a change in Roon behavior after the last update.

Any pointers?

Any help here would be appreciated…

Hey @thijazi,

Thanks for following up on your post. I’m sorry we didn’t get back to you until now.

I’ve connected with our team to find out more about this topic. We’ll follow up on this thread :nerd_face:

Noted, thanks…

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