Handling Various Artists Albums

I have a bunch of Various Artists albums and many have been categorized in roon correctly But there is one where it seems Roon has created the same Album for Each of the artists on the album. If I search for the album it shows up about 15 times, once for each artist. How can I correct this?

Select all of them and Edit>Merge Albums.

I have seen this when I have the artist under album artist, normally I put various artists into that field.

When I realize that I have done this I either edit the metadata and copy the album back over or do what Andrew has suggested and merge the albums.

Hey @StanEhm,

Thanks for taking the time to reach out! I’m sorry to hear you’ve hit a snag in some of your album metadata. Luckily both @Andrew_Webb and @Michael_Harris have put you on the right track by looking to the Edit>Merge Album option in this case.

Here is more information on this!

Please give their recommendation a try and let us know if that resolves it for you :+1:

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